Confusion no longer reigns.

With every thing that has been going on with decisions on our home, I’ve been in a confused state.  So that started me to thinking.  There I am again.  It seems I’ve been chasing my tail like some dogs other than mine do.  The confusion has led to my being ill and now Claude seems to be following in my footsteps.  Even our dogs are confused.More...

When Connie was over packing boxes with me the other day, Madeline ran up to Connie and told her to quit taking our stuff.  Connie, being the psychic she is, told Madeline, “Aunt Connie isn’t taking anything.  I’m just trying to help your mother pack.”

Madeline wasn’t satisfied.  She ran over and asked me to pick her up, which I did for thirty minutes or so.  When she got down, she told me to come tell Aunt Connie to stop.  I tried to explain that it was necessary but a little dog doesn’t always want anything but structure.  Again she told me to pick her up for another thirty-minute shoulder run.  Her sister, Mysti, just got upset.

Today, after trying to decide one more time, where to go, I made a decision.  The confusion has to stop and we have to get on with our lives.  We will lease a place until we decide what we want to do. 

Now, we’re better.  Whatever momma wants seems to make the rest of the family get off the confusion merry-go-round too.  Sometimes you just have to make a decision and start in a direction in order to find your path.  Choices make decision making easier.

Da Juana