Confusion or what the heck is happening?

I have heard other psychics say that they can’t read for themselves. That has never been a problem for me, that is, until now. At least I think I am having a problem. But I still get little clues that I’m not. But, I wonder. I am so confused. And confusion is not something that I think a psychic should feel. My confusion comes from being out of control of my own life. Of course there are others involved in what my life is too.

For instance, some weeks ago, I heard, “Take some pictures of Mysti now.”

Well that set off alarms. I instantly asked, “Why,” and followed it up with, “She’s healthy. I know that she is twelve but she’s healthy. Maybe I am just feeling the fear from when her predecessor died. Muffin was twelve too.”

Again I hear, “Get the pictures now.”

This was on a Thursday or Friday. On Sunday, I was cutting Madeline’s and her toenails and bathing them. Mysti was on her back and I was examining her really well after I heard my message. That’s when I saw the bruising on her stomach. I knew. Generally, I am very good in those situations even though it is one of my babies. Up stairs I went to investigate on the web what I already knew. Horror stories abounded. I went back to what I know and asked my ghostly friends if she would be OK to wait until Monday to see her usual vet. The answer was yes. You know that outcome. Her platelet count was….well she didn’t have one but with the vet’s wisdom and vitamins, “C” and “K,” Mysti is doing well again.

The other side gave me the news so that I could do something to help her and we did. And this came at a time when I was questioning whether my ghostly friends were still talking with me and helping with my life situations. Yeah, I would see, hear and smell the occasional ghost but it was like I turned it off, sort of, even though I heard them telling me they were still here. And that I was the one with the problem.

I have been hearing other things lately and am trying to help again and to be very watchful of my baby’s health. And I thank God that the other side gives me these little warnings although I told them I didn’t want to hear any more about my husband’s after he had the stroke. I have since rescinded that statement too. I just have to know. It’s like Archie Bunker told Edith, “You have five minutes to go through menopause.” Of course I laughed at that but it left a lasting impression and I try to live by some of that in feeling sorry for myself. I give it five minutes and then I go on.

I like animal cards and for the past few weeks, the cards I have pulled state that I am in a state of confusion about my psychic ability as well as life on earth. Duh…….Boy did it hit me right. But it also states that I am about to come out of that confusion and be my old self with some new bonuses of experience, Yeah, that’s right, been through those lately, and it further states that I will be better for it. That’s the one thing that I do know. I am better for every experience, good or what I perceive to be bad. Even the bad can be good. Did I say that? Experience builds character. But just maybe, I feel that the last few years has given me more character than I really wanted. I’m beginning to like me where I am right now. Well except for………some things I want.

Da Juana