Connie’s anniversary

Guess what?  It was Connie’s anniversary June 1.  She’s been married almost as many years as me or maybe more since she’s older and all.More...
She’ll kick by boo hinny, as she calls it, for that little tidbit.  But guess what?  I know I’m younger than her today because I think I feel it.  You are as old as you think you are!  And right now, I think I’m younger than her.
Besides, she’s been down in the islands.  Think I’m channeling someone who doesn’t think highly of her because I just heard two names that, of course, I wouldn’t call her for her little beach trip.  And with her husband, no doubt.
She and I could have gone together and had loads of fun, don’t you think?  Just because it was their anniversary was no reason for her to run off and enjoy being with the man she’s married to, was it?  Generally, I’m not envious but, St. Marten.  Now you get it.
Okay, so I’m the forgiving sort.  She said she had fun.  I’m really glad she did.  Guess I could live vicariously through her for a little while.  Can even hear the waves.
Da Juana