Connie’s birthday…..

Today is Connie’s birthday.  Because she’s much older than me, I won’t tell you her age.  Besides, she’ll tell you that she’s much, much younger than me.  Yeah, Right!More...

You know where she is right now.  She’s off to the casino to gamble and play with friends.  The hussy.  Really, though, I don’t care to gamble.  I can think of so many other things to do with my money, like get a massage or buy a dress or some new undies or go to a movie with my best friend.  You know.  Little things.
This morning I sang to her.  Isn’t it nice to have a friend that can sing to you?  What’s better is to have a friend who’ll listen.  And she does.  Claude and I generally sing to all our friends on their birthday whether they want it or not.  That’s the kind of friends we are.  Generous to a fault. 
To mark Connie’s birthday, Claude’s grandmother, who is on the other side, stopped by to tell me something about Claude’s mother.  Isn’t it funny how our ghostly relatives give us help in times of need?  That was the first time I’d met her.  Connie asked her mother to help her win big and I hope she does although I don’t see it.  Her mother dearly loved the casinos. 
Well, anyway, Happy Birthday Connie.  You’ve made my life much happier just by being in it. 
Da Juana