Connie’s mother….

Today Connie’s mother, a sweet little woman of young years both in mind and age, went to the other side.  This petite lady with a voice that commanded attention and who was always dressed to the nines, even in makeup if you went to her house at three in the morning, left a daughter and many others to mourn her passing.  Those who knew her loved her and if she walked into a room, not many could forgo the pleasure of meeting her.More... 

She was quick to tell you what she thought but she always tried to add a little honey to the mix.  She thought a lady should always try to look her best no matter what she had to work with.  Nita was really the epitome of a southern lady.  She’ll be missed.  Nita had cancer and we all know how bad that is.  At eight oh five this morning she was reborn.

Please say a prayer for her daughter who is both glad that her mother passed because of that horrible disease and sad because she’s gone.  They were closer than most mothers’ and daughters’.  Connie has seen her since and will continue to do so but the physical part of putting your arms around someone you trust to the fullest is gone now. 

Da Juana