Connies post birthday present.

Guess, what? Not all of this appeared and by the way, Connie threatened me within an inch of my life if I didn’t staighten out the fact that she isn’t a homewrecker. Ticky-ticky. 

It’s the day after Connie’s birthday and you can see that I celebrate my friends both the day before and one-day post birthdays. We were out doing our dance steps last night on her birthday. Did I tell you that we were taking ballroom dancing? It is so much fun but you really do miss your husbands on those days because there are just not enough men to dance with there. But I know the basics to the foxtrot, waltz and my favorite, the tango. Can even promenade….that’s a big deal just in case you didn’t realize it….but I do still look a little novice at it.


Noticed on my blog this comment. Thought I might clear it up.


“Hi Da Juana, 


I love your blog – I read it daily! I was shocked to read this one though… Connie is your dear friend while she was sleeping with your husband??”



I’m a very good person, I think and am very big on forgiveness but….with my first husband I later became friends with women who had slept with him while I was married to him but I don’t know if I could be that forgiving this time around. You see I pick on Connie, sometimes unmercifully and you probably won’t get this admission from me again. Truly, I hope she doesn’t see this because she won’t let me live it down. We are about as close as sisters possibly could be without the blood tie. Though I pick on her, I don’t think that she has ever really looked at my husband in that manner. But wait, she does like tall, dark-haired men even though she is married to a shorter, lighter-haired man. No, she wouldn’t do that to us. Besides, we’re two psychics. Claude calls us psy (pissy-chics) chics. Wonder why? We can be. We’re women too.


To sum it up, Connie hasn’t slept with Claude in this life but that doesn’t keep me from maybe bringing it up in front of someone that, psychically, I know will turn up their nose at her. And she is so good at being the straight guy to my particular brand of humor. It gave the sales woman something to talk about. And she left someone else alone.


Now, you get a touch of me being the bad psychic and Connie went along with it.


Da Juana