Contact Lenses

It’s funny how your life is made up of firsts, first kiss, first baby, first time to see the vast expanse of the ocean and oh, so much more.

A new first for me is contact lenses. It makes me so grateful to be able to see without the aid of reading glasses but I’ve had some concerns such as the folding of those lenses within my eyes so that my doctor gets to see me a little more often than I’d like especially when two get there for no apparent reason.

He’s a great man-doctor and really not hard on the eyes at all but I wish I’d get the hang of taking contacts in and pulling them out. The other night until about twelve thirty in the morning I was trying to remove contacts that weren’t where they were supposed to be. How did I manage that? I’m not sure but my friend, Dolores, tells me I’ll get the hang of it and I’m determined but that determination is becoming a little more desperate right now since his assistant put the contact in my eye that I’m about to have him remove yet again.

Is it me? Am I too heavy handed to be using those tiny little specks that one places in the eye rather than takes out? I ought to be able to do this. After all, I talk with the dead and hear them answering. This shouldn’t be that hard. I can’t let a couple of little contacts beat me. They’ll be back in my eyes before night. And then, I’ll have to remove them before bed.

Say prayers that I master this quantum feat.

Da Juana

P. S. Maybe I should contact my for a look into whether I’ll be able to succeed against these sight-giving little menaces.