Control is something only you can exert over your life.

Control is something only you can exert over your life. Unless you’re physically confined or held prisoner, then you have complete control over your life.

You might mention that you’re in a horrible marriage, you might say that you have to work at a job you hate or your body image is not to your liking but really none of this is true. All you’re doing is making excuses for your actions. Changes can be made by making a different choice.

If you’re in an unhappy marriage, there are many choices that can be made. For instance, you can both elect to see marriage counselors or you can get a divorce. Some might even get back to the basics and start dating again to recall why they fell in love in the first place. Others might choose to live together in disgust. See, there are a myriad of choices here.

The career path you can always change. You may decide to seek higher education for your chosen employment or you may quit and start over again. If there are people at your job you hate you have the choice to ignore them or seek other opportunities.

On the matter of body image, there are certain physical attributes you bring to life but even those can be changed by the use of a good plastic surgeon. If it’s your weight, you can start a good weight program through exercise and healthy eating. Anything not set in concrete about your body you can control.

Before you go jumping on the bandwagon of change though, think through exactly what you want in life. As soon as your brain becomes engaged it’ll help you manufacture choices to be made by you as an individual to obtain your desires. Although you might feel that it’s difficult at first, you’ll start to notice that it’s becoming a habit. And just to let you know a habit takes a month to create or break. So, stick with your wishes and you will control your destiny.

Da Juana

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