Cook out of the kitchen……

You’ve heard you can take the cook out of the kitchen but you can’t take the kitchen out of the cook, or something like that.  Well, that’s the same way with me. More... 

People meet me, find out what I do and immediately ask me to start talking.  Most of the time I try consciously to clam up but I’m a born talker.  So they generally get something whether I’m trying or not.  Being a natural born psychic/medium means sometimes things just slip out of my mouth.  Then I wind up thinking, “Who said that?”  I know I heard it coming from my mouth but had no idea what I was about to utter.

Sometimes the look on someone’s face, before I’ve even told him or her what I am but after I’ve spoken something that makes them wonder, leaves me almost but not quite speechless.  But that look normally tells me that I’ve said something I shouldn’t have.  For the moment I’m in a panic trying to rewind the mental tape or begging the other side to repeat it to me so that I know how to handle the situation.  It can get hairy from time to time.

Being friends with me isn’t all it’s cracked up to be either because I pop out with items that are best left unsaid now and again.  Bless Connie’s heart.  We do it to each other but we try to be easy.  You can normally tell when speaking with someone on the phone what’s happened because the silence is deafening.  Whew!

And Claude says I’m not always fun when I invade other’s thoughts either.  That’s happened a lot.

But, and this is a big but, I’m fun to be around too.  I keep the conversation lively.  The only thing is when I’m kidding people tend to think I’m serious.  Oh well, just one of the little effects of being a psychic/medium.  I’m talking with people here and there and sometimes it bleeds over.

Da Juana