Couldn’t have had a better birthday if I had tried!

Yesterday was one of the best birthdays that I can remember. And it’s not because I’m so old I can’t remember either. I even worked on my birthday but that is something I do everyday anyway. It’s a built-in behavior for me. No, the reason it was so great is that I started the day with my baby calling me and then phone call after phone call was from friends, some of them twice. Just to wish me happy birthday. Can you believe it?


Claude and I went out to my favorite restaurant as I told you and had to run a couple of work errands too. When we came back home, a friend of mine, who just happens to be my massage therapist, called and invited us to dinner on him. It’s really hard for me to allow someone else to do for me because the selfish part of me wants to be the one doing for others. It’s that pride thing again. One of my spiritual lessons this time around. Don’t want to owe others. Really bad for me this time. Anyway, we went out and met with him and his wife, also a dear friend I haven’t seen for some time, and had the most glorious time. My favorite gift was watching my husband laugh, talk and seem almost like he used to. That was wonderful. He was telling jokes and appreciating that he is alive.


Oh, and though I don’t generally drink, I drank a couple of sips of his beer, something called, Blue Moon, with an orange slice in it. Let me tell you. That is good. And I don’t even like beer usually. I want that again. Must be that I need the hops or something.


Then this morning, Claude made it even better by wishing me a happy post birthday. Isn’t that nice? I had the most wonderful time yesterday.


Oh, and one other thing, this must be age but I messed up on Debra’s birthday when I said it was belated. She actually turns a new year better on October 20. So Happy Pre Birthday, Debra.


Da Juana