Creating web sites

Lately, I’ve had to do more in the way of creating web sites.  As a medium and a psychic, I think I’m pretty good.  At least that’s what people tell me.  Although I’m creative and intelligent most times, I think, there are times lately that I really wonder just how smart I really am.More...

Working in this manner has caused me to review my life in all the important ways.  Looking at my age, wrinkles, even to the number of children I gave life to and all those other important aspects of life.  Generally questioning everything I’ve ever done.  I didn’t realize that working on a website could do that but it has.

While I was revamping and putting “Ghosts Talk,” on the web, I kept praising myself for having done something to help those who want to learn my thoughts on everything from heaven to reincarnation.  That was something I had to remember as I copied and pasted information and created new.  “Ghosts Talk” was done in a very simplistic manner, just black and white, like a book. 

Now, however, I’m about to do something else very dear to my heart and that is put up a website on my puppy dogs, all of them.  And I have ideas, so many ideas but can’t decide what colors, what font and how the front page should look.  Right now, black and white, like a book, looks pretty good to me but I know I shouldn’t do that.  Oh well, call to the other side—what should I do?  Hopefully the answer will come soon.  Oh, and if you have ideas, I’ll take them from this side too.

Da Juana