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Da Juana Byrd (herself)



Metaphysical, Paranormal or Supernatural

Here’s my story and I’m sticking to it as some would say. I was born some time ago. You didn’t think I’d really tell you my age, did you?

But really when I was born I knew why I had come to earth. I just didn’t know it involved the words Metaphysical, Paranormal or Supernatural at that time. I thought everyone was capable of seeing ghosts and doing the things I do like seeing the future, the past and current life for others just like me.

Oh, and I thought everyone talked to God just like me. That is got answers too from a beautiful voice I could hear just as if I were speaking with you.

Let me take a moment to mention what the words, metaphysical, paranormal and supernatural, really mean since I’ve lived it all my life and not always easily. But, of course, you know that life isn’t always easy just as I do. That’s true but when you’re born to life to help others in this manner it’s really not always easy.

Take a look back at the real helpers in history. Times didn’t fare too well for them especially if they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that life wouldn’t go too far for them. Then if they were seers and realized that they’d have to do what they came here for but wouldn’t be seen as nice people but rather inciters. Then you can see how this life might really be uneasy for those who are in the know so to speak.

Let’s really look at those three astounding words. According to the Collins World English Dictionary, Paranormal means beyond normal explanation and Metaphysical means incorporeal or Supernatural which means miraculous; exceeding the ordinary; abnormal. Who really wants to be called those words?

All those meanings you could probably say epitomize me (Da Juana Byrd). Of course, I’ve been called psycho too, which is short for something but it escapes me. I’m very grateful for that. And there’ve been other names too but I digress. From childhood throughout my adulthood I’ve watched others take a step back upon meeting me. I know they wanted a cross to put in front of them just in case. Sometimes I didn’t even get to mention that my gifts are God-given.

This is my disclaimer if I have one. Let me say that I think God is the energy which runs through everything. Not only that but I think God is called by many names. Religion isn’t spiritual. It’s an organization of human like-minded people. I’m spiritual but sometimes act human.

I thought I was the normal one but learned later that I wasn’t considered supernatural, metaphysical and supernatural. My thoughts were that the ones who didn’t use their God-given talents were the abnormal ones and those three words only encompassed talents.

The supernatural or paranormal world has always been where I live especially since the very first person I saw and remembered as a baby was a ghost, then my parents. Is that the definition of supernatural? Am I really abnormal? Certainly, I don’t think so. Being called abnormal is something which I learned to overlook and even wear like a badge.

You’ve probably heard of others enduring paranormal events but thought that would never happen to you. It did for me from birth.

Da Juana’s Life

One of my beliefs is this. On the other side you choose which parents you’ll be born to as a baby. There you can see the challenges which will happen in your life and those of your parents whether you’re like me or not because on the other side we’re all alike but still different as well.

You choose your name. How many times have you heard, “I had a name picked out for her or him but it just didn’t seem right.” My daughter had a dream for her second child’s name. Then more actions occurred to make her realize that was the only name for that child.

Since you already have your surname you agreed to use, you then choose the name attached to it. I’ve always known and liked that I’m Da Juana. Just Da Juana. Moreover I chose Da Juana’s life.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to realize we have responsibility for our lives even before the spirit takes the body of the baby. That means we can’t say we never wanted to be born or oh, woe is me because we created our circumstances. Responsibility for our life is ours and ours alone.

A quick timeline of my life reads like this. I was born, saw a ghost who I remembered from other times. Jesus was more than a Biblical figure in our family life even though my father was a Pentecostal preacher. Jesus was my friend and a friend to my ghost friend, John the man I was named after.

Now let me mention if you don’t want me to talk about Jesus, you need to quit reading right now. My daughter would rather I spoke of aliens from another planet or ghosts than for me to tell you that I spoke with Jesus all my life. She’s afraid that no one will believe me. Perhaps she doesn’t believe I’ve spoken with Jesus either but she sure believes in ghost. She’s like me but doesn’t want to be which is understandable.

Even Jesus, the greatest prophet of all times, had his days especially with family. Jesus said in the Bible in the passage, Mark 6:4, “A prophet is honored everywhere except in his home town and among his relatives and by his own family.” Moreover, it hurt Jesus that his family didn’t know him. That’s the way I feel at times.

Jesus also was the one that I went to when I decided at six years old that I didn’t want to do what I’d come to earth to do. What I’d come here to do is what I’m speaking of now. It’s the supernatural part.

Long story short. I told him that I wanted to go back home meaning the other side. I’ll tell you the story one day but finish by saying Jesus and I discussed it after he’d already said I could go home but it would change my father’s life. I decided to stay. Then he told me I’d be very sick but would live with no damage to my body.

I had one of the first cases of Polio in my state right after Jesus and my little talk (3 days later). As a child when they were taking me to another town in my state and checking me into the hospital for children with Polio, I told the nurses that Jesus had told me that I’d be okay. By the way, I was the child who went from bed-to-bed getting water and other items for the other kids in my dormitory. After being told to stay in bed or they’d make me because of my illness, I spent some time in a straight jacket. (Watch it. There were no psychiatrists involved. Just a kid helping others.)

Divorce is common now but it wasn’t then. Needless to say, I grew up with my dad and two brothers. See life isn’t always easy. I’ve found though that we live life making choices. Some are easier than others. The results of our choices create our lives.

My father would take me to places that he knew I’d see ghosts and ask about them. It was just a conversation piece in our family. I can say in this life I’ve taken too much for granted because it never occurred that daddy didn’t talk with the ghosts as I did or hear them either. He could, however as I learned later in life, see them occasionally. He saw a horse ghost that I saw one night while sleeping on a concrete camping table. The questions I got after that.

I’m going to quit speaking of that part of my life now but as you can see there are always what some consider stressful parts to our lives. Mine made me come out as a psychic and a medium but it took a while for me to acknowledge my gifts.

If you don’t think you have reasons to believe you can use these gifts too I’m here to tell you that you can.

Think about it. I’m about to change your world with these next words.

Are You Paranormal too?

Have you ever seen a person from the corner of your eye, turned to look at them and they were gone? You knew what they looked like and whether they were male or female but they vanished immediately when you gave them your complete attention.

Have you ever felt like someone was in the room with you when you knew you were alone? Or smelled an odor that had no reason for being? Or thought of piping hot apple pie and immediately your mouth watered as you tasted it without having a bite of that pie? All that cinnamon goodness!

If you’re not a pie fan how about a tart lemon? Have you ever felt as if you were falling in your sleep and awakened with your heart pounding? Oh, there are so many more questions I could ask but if you answered yes to any of these, you’re paranormal too!

Quit looking around sheepishly to see if anyone saw you blush while you were reading this. Let me assure you that if you’ve done any of these things then you have an audience, maybe not a physical one but a metaphysical one for sure. Ghosts are everywhere and they’re just waiting impatiently for you to figure out that you can communicate with them too.

It’s more than that. Have you ever thought of something dreadful and it happened within a few days? Have you ever wished an old friend would call and they did? Have you ever wanted something strongly, asked aloud and gotten it quickly? Have you ever thought about a person sadly and found out they had something horrible happen to them?

If you’ve had anything like this happen you are paranormal too.


Here are some answers to questions about ghosts before you ask because I know so many people are frightened of them, even those who say they don’t believe in ghosts.

Ghosts will start real slow with you like a man trying to impress a woman for a date and then working harder to keep her for real.

Ghosts are mostly good people, animals, plants and anything with a soul, basically everything you see. But don’t get distressed because you have so many around you.

It’s like your mother said, “Birds of a feather,” and all that. Bad ghosts don’t like to be around good people. If you’re a good person, then you have nothing to worry about.

Ghosts love to work with electrical items because after all we’re all electrical units. It makes it easier for a ghost to do something to get your attention when using electricity. Even I blow light bulbs occasionally when irritated. And most think I’m sweet even though I know there are times I’m not so nice. Those times occur when someone is trying to take advantage of my good nature. Most people who know me describe me not as abnormal but as being a cheerful, sweet person who’d help anyone. And I would but don’t try to take advantage of me. Only loved ones can do that.


Most women know of what I speak and some men as well. Being in the helping people role I’m in, because I chose it this life, can sometimes be a little overwhelming when I don’t feel like helping and someone expects it of me right then.

Women are most often the helpers of the world. This time I came back to life on earth as a woman to work in the metaphysical supernatural world. I don’t really consider it work though. It’s more like breathing for me. I wouldn’t know what to do without having this gift as part of my life.

My job on earth is to teach others how to remember the metaphysical gifts they were born with. Then watch them flower and grow to help others in the same manner or just live with it.

Now what you just learned is the reason I came to earth this time. Yes, I believe in reincarnation too. Now do you think I’m weird? My reason for doing that is because I’ve seen too much as a psychic and a medium not too. Besides I’ve asked ghosts and I’ve seen the past lives.

But back to you. Do you feel a little supernatural now? Or metaphysical? Maybe even a little paranormal? WELCOME TO MY WORLD.