Da Juana’s 1993 Psychic Predictions

An explosion in the Midwest, about two to three states up. Feels as if it is around June. The weather is not too hot, still a little cool. I feel people around but do not see a lot of buildings.

First five months of the year, the US will become involved in a conflict in South America or a small island around there.

A new plant extract from South America which will be like oil.

People to become more interested in educating the masses of South America for all our sakes.

Canada to have a new fossilized find.

Alaska will be unsettled. Movement of the earth two to four times. Scarry but no loss of life.

North eastern sea coast to have bad weather smashing coast in March or May. Again it is cool but not hot.

A building or part of a building to fall in Oregon. Something that has the word sky in it.

Hawaii will continue to burn. I think this is the volcano but I also see some trees burning.

Three plane crashes in the US. this year. Two south one north. Not a lot of life loss.

Could be military. I see a plane or something looking like one coming towards Texas from the North. It seems to be over a semi populated area. Something will happen to make the people jump the government again about safety regulations concerning their flights.

A New medical discovery out of Iceland or Greenland

England to see quite a bit more turmoil but will be coming together by next summer. It will be quieter then and the people will be more at home with each other.

Spain will have an upheaval of some sort almost like a terrorist but will be ok. I see people in a building such as a mall or something running as if away from something.

A new type fish will be found.

Australia will be finding a new industry which they will be very proud to show off.

People are becoming more aware that the earth is us and we are it but they are still feeling that our survival will not be hurt by the loss of some animals. We need to wake up and smell the roses. Hopefully they won’t be dead when we decide to do it.

The United States economy will be growing. June of 1994 will let people know that things really haven’t changed that much. Clinton with his change word is not making things that much better. Strangely enough the man that has gone with his surrounding people had started the change. The Democrats will be singing their own praises as if they were the ones who had made the difference. Economic growth will continue for the next three years but inflation is coming back to stay for a while. Which is worse, inflation or not feeling that you are getting atequate jobs and money? We will continue to see homeless and job loss.

Japan and Germany are about to become less economic figures than they have been in the past. An island will start to pick up and become more prominent around the sixth to seventh month of the year.

Mexico and Russia are becoming more industrial territories as I had predicted for the past two years. Mexico is becoming more agressive thanks to their president. Hopefully they recognize this too. Their military is chomping at the bits much like our CIA. His safety is all right but we will hear something about one of his top military leaders by the seventh month of the year. South central Africa towards the end of the year will be showing some signs of becoming a place to do business.

Grand Prairie will keep the horse tract now that they have it and will also have a second venture having to do with horses.   There will also be a change in leadership of that town although I believe that happened about six months ago.

Fort Worth is about to feel what Dallas has felt for the last several years on the black/white controversy. We will see it kick up about three times this year although it will not take hold now. Most of our people feel that we are the same and are not calling for division as some of the people in Dallas do. Although we come from different cultures, we are all God’s Children. Most Fort Worthians know this and will not let a special few who want notoriety to take over their lives. We in Fort Worth have a tendency to fight together. Problems for the mayor of Fort Worth this year, personal. Kay Granger will let this bleed over into her political life for a while around June-August.

A new enterprise coming towards the Denton area. It will employ many people.

Southeast Fort Worth. I see fire. Maybe a couple of buildings. It was quick. Almost as if there were fumes of some sort.

Gorbachev back in news. All eyes of the world on him. In first five months of year. Something wrong health wise in left side.

A new piece of land emerging from the sea.

Childhood disease to return as a menace. Something like measles.

Congress will have a scare this year by outside influences.

World is in a wait and see mode right now. Believe it or not they are going to have to do something to make things happen. Energy begets energy.

What looks like a title wave on the other side of the world around India or Thailland. In that vicinity.

Movies are going to take a turn towards the more idealistic but will also be filled with the new age mentality. People are wanting a turn around in the world where morals are concerned but they will be new morals.

A Bright new star on the horizon, a dark haired man who is not very tall. By that I mean under six feet. Will be loved and hated by viewers.

Three more stars will tell of having aids.

Two more good cold snaps here before it turns us loose. Will see one in April.

A key player for the Mavericks will be hurt. Will not do too well this year. Will hear rumors of someone else buying the team although Carter likes the notoriety of having the team and won’t give it up close to the end of the year and first of next. He needs to step back like a good business manager and let the people he has chosen for management do their job.

Rangers talk a good show. One of the higher management crew will be leaving this year. Seems to have lighter colored hair. Didn’t want to leave but felt he had no choice. Put in a position where pride takes presidence. Will do really well however in the east.

San Diego will have a defensive player hurt his right leg and this will prevent them from winning the Super Bowl. I think the skins are coming back. I hate it but like a bad penny they keep turning up. Please let the Cowboys beat the Eagles.

Murder in the Michigan area. This would be the northeast to me. More than one murder. See at least five. Reminds me of the man who killed all of those children and hid them under his house in the south. I think it was something like Gathey.