Da Juana’s 1994 Psychic Predictions

The economy is going into a holding pattern for about four months, then it will gradually start to increase again. (Very slowly)

Ft. Worth will begin new growth. It’s almost as if people are seeing her for the first time. Fort Worth is looking more promising than Dallas because of it’s appreciation for business and also it’s sincerity. Dallas is in a period of decline. They need to get back to the more human side of things.

Two new businesses will be coming into the Fort Worth area-one on the west side- the other may be to the south.

1994-1995 will start a committee on true racial freedoms. It will not be for just one race but for everyone. Fort Worth really does care. This committee will also be concerned about the criminal element and how to deal with it. They will try to find better ways of educating the community.

The Texas economy has hope and expectation again. It is looking up. The Southern part of Texas will have problems still. A tourist community will have problems which does not show it in the best light. (Before or around March) The NE section will have a new automated plant which makes something large, like cars or machines of some sort.

The Super Collider will find funds, partially private and partially government (maybe another). We need to keep ahead in the science department. We have fallen behind in so many other areas. We have been giving our technology away. This will be more a world community effort.

Dallas is in for a heart break. The eyes of the nation will be on them.

On the east coast-Washington, DC, Virginia area-there will be something thought to be terrorism but it will be found it is not.

A nuclear submarine will have problems which the world will find out about. Seems to be in the colder waters of the Atlantic.

Italy will have a major disaster. This will be felt even to the south.

India’s government will start reforming.

A major English politician will die.

Japans economy is still not at it’s lowest. As the economy goes down, other disasters will follow. It looks to be fire and water.

Oil prices will increase slightly again probably before April.

Stock prices will stagnate for about three months. Jan.-up, Feb. & March-up, April, May and June shows a fearful market. This is a wait and see time.

Mexico, now that they have NAFTA does not know what to do with it. It’s like a child who got Christmas presents when he never had one before and then doesn’t know which to play with first. You will start to see growth coming from this in six months.

A minor rebellion is going to happen around May (political and we will hardly hear anything about it) It will be fine.

Mexico is the new frontier. It needs education. A strong, beautiful woman will be noticed for who and what she is before September. She will impact many lives.

There will be two earthquakes there within a month of each other.

They shall see mud slides again but they will not be as bad as before.

They will have a new health problem which will have to be fixed. Buy stock in their water utilities. It is going to be reformed and therefore is a good buy. Start looking at it by the end of March or April.

South America is providing the cure for a common disease through a plant with a tiny red blossom. We in our thoughts that we are conquering the world passed this one up long ago.

Something similar to what happened to the wife of Naval Commander Will Rogers wife will happen again. The consequences will be different this time.

Airplane rolling but do not see a large loss of life.

The weather will be very hot this year in the Northeast. The middle section to the west will be a little cooler. It will be dryer than usual but when it rains it will pour. There will be a storm inside the Gulf around June.

Cannibalism will return to the United States.

Canada will have a major political upset. The person will be called scandalous.

President Clinton had better be careful in the fifth month. There seems to be a surprise for him. Not ever one who voted for him still loves him. I think it is a shame when our president has to go out in public in fear for his life. How did America come to this.

The end of 1994, the start of 1995 is going to start a reform of the government and criminal laws.   People are tired of crime and the big governmental budget and they will let Congress know. After all that is where the buck stops.

Another Cult like the one in Waco will be in the news.

Mavericks will not do a lot better in 1994 but will be better in 1995.

The Rangers will be very close to a pennant this year. The coach will get a man he can use who will help the Rangers with confidence. That is all they really need. They are a very insecure team.

I want the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl but I have a problem when it comes to them. Last year, I said they would win sixteen games but would not win the Super Bowl. They won sixteen games and the Super Bowl. This year I hope they are in the Super Bowl but I think Houston and the Giants will be. The Giants are beginning to think they can do anything again.

I pity those people who think God is white. God knows no color. Did he not say in the Bible that we are all his children. If he is one color, how can that be? The energy in the world now is one of selfishness and has been for some time. As long as it is that way, we will have a hard time. Crime will be up and we will all be unsettled. The way to change that is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do you like love? Then show it and you will get it. If you are driving, smile and wave at someone close to you. Say hi! Energy begets energy. Put it to work for you.