Da Juana’s 1995 Psychic Predictions


Monuments-4 presidents-something to happen to them. Saw Washington’s face.

People are wanting to relax more and are tired of crime. They want a return to the old times when they could leave doors unlocked but want modern day conveniences. They are beginning to find a way to make it happen.

Where the mountains meet in U.S. and Canada, there is going to be an earthquake or big hole, maybe an eruption.

Sickness spreading over NE 1/4 of US, looks almost white or gray.

A poisoning in the U. S. East of us will be in the news much like murder.

A new energy will be found and utilized with acceptance.

Over mid America, people dropping out of sky, (tram or airplane, not sure). Woman with brown hair.

Southern US-explosion of magnitude either close to Mexico or Gulf of Mexico, not necessarily Mexico but has something to do with name. Closeness or why.

Stock Market to fall. It will be very frightening but will rise just as quickly. This may have something to do with the president.

Southwest hospital in the news. A terrible illness like Legionaries was.

More UFO’s to be seen both in US and Europe. More in Europe.

Gangs. Will find new pacts in old war zones. (New York) Rebuilding going on.

New earthquake along the Arizona-California border. It will be large. An 18 is involved.

Rain in the dessert here. More than should be. In the west.

A near miss at DFW. It could be a crash. Will be a loss of life.

California is again going to get drier. There will be an electrical failure there also.

An economic sag the first six months of year. It’s as if the American people are waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Bomb in the Midwest. It will not explode. Happens before August. It is in the part of the US which has Chicago, Iowa, Missouri & Tennessee in it.

Texas is more concerned about itself than the US in the next three years. It really acts as if it is a country unto itself. This will not help the economy. Bush will cause us to take a good look at ourselves. We are not sure we like what we see.

Another state is working to get more corporations to it such as Alabama or Georgia. It is in that area. They will.

Texas economy will turn more to the technical side of things such as Silicon Valley in California. There will be more entertainment facilities here.


A death camp in the news like the old concentration camps only this will be more children in an Asian nation around China.

Africa–opening fire around the Mediterranean on someone towards the east.

A problem with the Polar Ice Cap. Something like a fire will melt part of it.

A body of water will recede slowly showing artifacts the world will consider interesting.

Kensington–2 to 3, not sure what. A surprise coming from there.

A new flight machine. It will revolutionize flying.

A cross breed in the whale or dolphin family. It is trying to survive. The species seems to be mutating. Will see more with the effects of the poisons we have put in the waters.

Three devastating explosions around the world. Two in Europe, one here. Terrorists?

North Korea is no ones friend. They are scary to me. Much like Sadam Hussein. The United States has made another Cuba. (CIA) It will be revealed in the next three years that we have been dealing with them for sometime, just as we did with Hussein and Castro.

South America is trying to improve it government even though it is still corrupt. A Mafia type who sees himself as good for the people. He will become a good leader in many ways. Colombia or Venezuela.

A new world organization which says it is not political but really is.

A gunship off Africa, Mozambique or South America, Argentina in March, June or July. A country is trying to get them back in line.

A new Old painting found, Like Michael Angelo. As if is being unmasked.

Kurel Trech in Japan will see 3 earthquakes this year.

Something like a collision between two ships.

The finding of a new mummy or old city which will answer some old questions.

A new world leader to show face. Seems to have a good heart. At least everyone thinks he does. Will be found he is not good. Maybe Mafia. Will do a lot of good for everyone because that is the way he sees himself. (Gray hair, not very big of stature, medium build, piercing dark eyes) Maybe a European country or one which Europe has to do with.

Japans economy is starting up but they will loose their computer hold over the world to the US and a southern country. This could be Mexico or South America like Venezuela, Brazil or Colombia.

Around or above England, France or Norway, there are lights in the sky which looks like an explosion, within eight months.


President Clinton-woman hurt in attempt on his life. He may not be anywhere around.

Whitewater is not over. Some will think of going after the president.

Well known judge with name beginning with “H” to be in trouble for dropping his principles. This will not be looked nicely.

Ann Richards involved with group working behind the scenes. Group looks to be middle aged and older. She gets more satisfaction from it. She is still not out of politics.


New bodies made. Antibodies from grain. Something having to do with everyday substances. More natural.

A new vitamin formula which will kill old diseases and has been under our noses for years.

We will be aware of a new life formed in an unnatural way. The human race has tolerated and even looked forward to what the fertility clinics have formed but will become unsure they like this new way to promote growth in humans.

A new disease springing up from the Aides virus in the next two years which will be worse than aides.

They will find a new type of cancer which will hold the key to the other types. Healing is on its way for this disease.

A new cure for blindness. One there was thought to be no cure for without the help of surgery.


Barry Switzer is having a problem with the press looking to Jerry Jones for coaching answers. It is beginning to get to him.

Jimmy Johnson was paid to wait on a coaching job. You will find out about this within two years. The coach who is there now will not take it lightly. He does not want Jimmy to have the job. It will make for some tough times.

Dick Motta has what he thinks is heart problems in 4 to 5 months.

A ball player who has a disease of the mouth and lives in the north. His name is either J. E. or J. L. such as Jumbo Elliot.

The Mavericks will hit the playoffs but one Maverick will hurt their chances of winning. They will not win. A gold team will win the playoffs.

Baseball does come back after the fight. Some of the players will give in. The owners will hold to most of what they wanted. Some concessions will be made but the players feel as if they lost.

Cowboys in for a fall. They think they can win without trying as hard. They have had that attitude all year long even though some play hard on the field. They are really competitive and will not understand they took this for granted.