Da Juana’s 1996 Psychic Predictions


A new energy will make itself known this year but will not be accessed for a couple more years.

We are on the threshold of miracles in medicine coming from old ways of doing things. The old remedy is new again.

Aids research to have promising results by March or May.

New medicine for an old disease.

A new illness will make itself known before August. As quickly as it comes, it goes.


American economy will go down in the next 8 months. By that I mean, it will be slower but not horribly so.

A great religious leader to die by August. Heard by first 4 months but it could be doubled.

A Senator will break new ground. (Whitewater comes to mind but it is not the same.)

A new missile program to be launched. (Not sure where this is but feel the number five connected to it.)

This year Newt Gingrich will be seen as not quite so conservative as he seems.

An attempt on someone’s life who is high up in politics. Not sure who he is but he has very high influence. It’s almost like a jealous person doing this.

Stock market will continue to rise until about June or July, then you will see a correction.

The new president will be ?


Tornadoes in states above Louisiana.

Hurricanes to hit upper Florida and Georgia and inside the Gulf of Mexico.

Crops frozen in the south (South Texas comes to mind).

Mud slides around the Great Lakes area, maybe a sink hole close to there.

From Nevada over to the east, a colder winter. Summer will be cooler then a searing heat wave will take over causing some drought in the area above Texas and Louisiana. This will be in what some consider the mid west too.

It will be drier in the dessert of Arizona. This will be what Arizona’s consider an oasis. Will need rain for the Orange crops.

Some washing away of the lower California or Baja Peninsula. See water coming in there like a storm.

Canada to be drier this year.


A new leader in Africa. This could be with a black nation.

India will see famine and disease.

Bosnia is a police action like Viet Nam and as such will irritate the American people.

This will escalate in March or May.

A dictatorship to be overthrown. It seems to be an island.

The Azores, I see land movement.

The North Pole is still in my mind. Similar to the France testing of nuclear weapons.

Japan has not seen anything yet. They will have peace in their land for about 2-3 weeks or months before all heck turns loose. They will need American help again.

The Chinese republic will become more of a republic in the next three years. Getting Hong Kong back will help them change. Atrocities will still happen but they will be more anxious about it becoming known.


Walter Cronkite–there is a death or bad illness. This will make people more aware of him. He will do something extraordinary before he dies.

Julia Roberts–will announce something to the viewers in the next 3 to 6 months. In so doing, she will mention that this is what was expected of her anyway.

Troy Aikman will announce something in 3-4 months on in the 8th month which will surprise a lot of people. There will be an illness in his close family causing him to rethink life.

Stuart Whitman or Charles Bronson will be in the news within 8 months.

A woman to come into focus who will be almost as popular as Lucy was.

Kathryn Hepburn to say her good byes.


A ship off the coast of Africa or East America (Atlantic Ocean) will capsize. Will happen in about 3-5 months. Can see it on it’s side but the side is not under water.

Fear in March or May for Americans. Terrorists? Reminds me of the Oklahoma bombing. This will be close to Virginia, right below the Mason/Dixon line, in that area. It could be more than one place of business. I see smoke coming from this. It could be a fire. There is loss of life.

A new militia is coming from the west above or around Arizona or Nevada.

A train is piled upon one another across from Maryland towards the west.

Flight number 247 or 251? Airplane accident a state or two above Mississippi. Possibly Ohio.

Three earth quakes of consequence in the United States. Texas to see another too.

One is going to be quite noisy in California. Will see something in the middle of the country or what seems to shake the world.

Mississippi Delta-pollution or fire in the delta.

Trial of a very famous man to start before September.

People are wanting to rest now but will actually be more hectic in the future. Like the ant sowing for the winter. People just don’t know why they want to do it.

There is going to be a new place to play in the northeast U. S.


A scandal will rock the cowboys before year end.

The Mavericks are the same old Mavericks. They will do about the same next year for the first quarter then they will get a new player thinking he is wonderful but alas. Sorry.

The Rangers will look better this year. Almost like they are going to win a pennant. Talk about the strike is still in the air. These guys are still unsettled . Think they have not gotten enough in settlement.

Death of famous sports person this year.

Stars on the move. Will sell off a good player.

Tatoo quits.

Superbowl? Blue and red teams there. Hope it is the cowboys but don’t believe it.