Da Juana’s 1997 Psychic Predictions

This year I am giving my predictions on the Internet so that you may help me know when those predictions come to pass. I am unable to keep up with all of them and therefore, ask that you e-mail me when you find a prediction has come true. Please let me know the media source which the information was in. If you want something predicted about your country or someone in it, please e-mail or call me. I am in my own little world as everyone else is and usually only look for things happening closest to home, such as the Cowboys. Some of these predictions were done on the radio in January and some such as the separatist was done while the action was occurring.

The Ukraine

Someone, with graying hair at the temples or ash colored hair, in political office will discourage the people of that country by doing something considered unethical. Because of him, many changes will take place. His wrong doing brings about good in the end.

The economy is going to be gradually picking up over the next two to three years with periods of sheer joy.

A new medical facility or program will come into being in the fourth or fifth month of the year.


Fire and Ice will plaque this country in the next ten to thirteen months.

People of Japan will be angry about a wrong they consider done to them by either the US or their own government.

The economy is going slowly down. It will pick up again in about seven months.


This country will see some new beginnings. Almost as if a new country is being built or the re-invention of an old way of life. Emotions about the change will be guarded but this will eventually lead to a better way of life for all those concerned.

An assassination of an old friend of Africa will happen. The killer is someone close to the victim. This is almost a coup. People will be looking right and left for the killer but he will be right under their noses.


It is going to be colder there both in the weather and in people’s hearts. Their hearts will start to defrost in May or June because an isolated event will bring them together.

I hear mother’s crying. This feels as if it is in England and could happen in four to eight months.

There will be new weapons or stock piles of old ones to be found in a wooded area and could be a residential area also.

United States

I see gunman in an area with many people around where either large amounts of money are or what it takes to make the money is. This could be on the east coast or inland from the coast. This happened right after I made the prediction on the radio in January in the upper eastern U. S.. Several gunmen were around a bank. There were no lives taken. This type thing though has begun to happen this year all over the U. S.. Take the killings of the bank robbers and several shootings of the Police in California.

More floods are coming. This time they will hit the northeasterly part of the US and Canada. There will be dirt slides too.

A new public enemy will raise his ugly head this year but probably will not be caught until the following year after he has hurt many.

We are going to feel as though we are in the ice age here. Weather is turned around. Cold when it should be warm and warm where it should be cold. I see ice falling from the sky.

There will be eight air craft accidents. They are not all crashes.

The first Lady takes a fall or is ill this year. Either her or Mr. Clinton has a problem with his liver. Well, I was wrong about her taking the fall. It was him. At this time, he is still on crutches. Let me say though, that it is not unusual for me to see an accident happening in a family and thinking it is one or the other because the family members are close to one another in my sight.


The economy for the US is looking up but is really going at a snails pace even though some think it is not. Later we will look back and wonder if this was truly a good time for the economy.


A famous coach will surrender to a disease this year. He may not die this year but he will speak out about the illness.

Jerry Jones is going to insist on the Cowboys being more quiet about their escapades. They are beginning to affect him now in his pocket book. That will bring on some definite changes. Barry should start looking for his next job.

Michael Irvin will be in the news again strongly in three months. Perhaps this time it is good news. He may also look for a new baby. Hope he is happy about this little turn of events.

The Rangers will not have the zeal they did last year but they will look good in their games for awhile. Some of upper management needs to learn how to spend a dollar in order to make more dollars for themselves later. This would also deal with the loyalty question the upper ranks have for the players.

The Mavericks will get a new player who will help the team greatly. Working with the team in a quiet manner, he will just keep on plugging. There will be some under current with him there because of an older team player but it will work it’s self out.

He’s a tall one, both in stature and in heart. The team is about three years away from making a difference.

Stars are looking good and have the best chance of doing something big this year.

The cowboys aren’t out of the running. They will be back in the playoffs next year   with Jimmy Johnson too.


Big problems for a male politician, who has a little weight on him, this year. He thought he had his bases covered and possibly he did but the population didn’t like the cover.

We are looking at the revamping of our schools. We need it and we are going to get it. This action will be come more into focus about June or September.

New business coming in all over the state. It is beginning to look like California in the center to western part of the state. Semi conductors or computers come to mind when thinking of these new entrepreneurial enterprises.

There will be an oil spill or fire in the port cities perhaps started by arson.

The separatist will come out of the stand off in Fort Davis with little human loss. Later, though, there will be significant loss stemming from those same thinking individuals. This was said on the radio as the standoff was in effect. True to my thinking, only one of the separatist died as stated in the Fort Worth Star Telegram on May 7, 1997.


Man’s best friend will help with a new medical discovery which can help us humans more than them just being our friends. This has something to do with the immune system or how hormones work.

Bacteria will become more of a friend to man with as a new disease fighter.

Fevers will hit the mid western US from New Mexico and Arizona up to Wyoming and the Dakotas.


I see an earthquake above the Great Lakes. Either that or the ground is moving for another reason such as an explosion.

Canada is going to win some sort of award or will entertain many countries, for peace, at a single time this year.


There is still some upheaval going on there especially in politics but this will start to straighten itself out over the next ten months. A religious figure will be involved.

Illness around the upper central and western portion of Mexico will show itself.

An abundance of ore found in Mexico will bring in a new business there.


A new male star is on the horizon with sultry good looks.

Illness will hit a beautiful red headed lady making her go from being upset over the illness to fighting it with a vengeance.

A divorce is in the works for a blonde lady whose name starts with a “K” or “C” and a dark headed man.

Clint Black rises from the ashes to make new music.


More alien sightings this year with a very well known character speaking out for them.


An Emperor dies.

Another man dies with the same indignity suffered an English Parliamentarian. There was a Parliamentarian man tied to a chair and killed in a most peculiar way which I predicted a few years ago. This will not be quiet the same but will look as though there are some of the same similarities.