Da Juana’s 1998 Psychic Predictions

Thank you all for your interest in my predictions. I do appreciate your reading them and your sending me any information on when they occur.

Some of you have asked me to do specific predictions. They will be answered here in my predictions with your letters but without your names. I will leave the initials though and the part of the world that you come from occasionally.

Predictions about the world are not easily made because it is easier for me to zero in on a person rather than a country or even a continent. The person tends to show their feelings more quickly for me psychically whereas a country has to have the consent of most of those who live there to create happenings. Sometimes it shows up quickly, at others it doesn’t.  

Last years predictions brought me a few people who were angry with me for calling Africa a country when in truth, it is a continent. I did know that much about Geography but failed to catch it in the midst of my psychic translation. If I do that again this year, please tell me about it. I try my best but as the old saying goes, “The only way you don’t make mistakes is if you are not working.”


This year the Islamic religion will take great offense to an injury they consider done to them. If we are not careful, this could start a very bad war. There will be an outcry from the Middle East wondering who hurt a brother.

Hillary Clinton

There is an accident or something looking as if it is an accident around a vehicle, car or plane, with the first lady. She needs to be very cautious this year. Not every loves her as much as they could. I do not see a loss of life but there is a scare. (This was reported on a radio show on Christmas Eve.)

Two Religious Leaders

Two religious leaders will die this year. Both will be gravely mourned.


In the South Pacific, around Baja or something that looks like the coast of California possibly even South America (possibly Peru), if there is a place there that looks like Southern California, I see a great deal of pollution. An explosion or wreckage will kill wildlife and even man. This is cause for great concern.


An explosion will occur on or between the longitude or latitude lines of 060 or 080. (This prediction was given on radio Christmas Eve.)


For this country, I do not understand this one. I see a mass suicide. This does not seem to be cult related.

Their economy will further erode. There is light at the end of the tunnel though. I think that economy will start to turn around in July or August.

Author in the news

Salmon Rushdie will be back in the news with some sort of health problem. Maybe those who sought to hurt him for his views will rescind the violence they once had towards him.


An uprising will get the eyes of the world to look at an old problem.

South America

There is much illness there from a forgotten disease, possibly polio or malaria.

There will be an outcry from the citizens of a country close to the top of this continent for crimes committed against it’s people and with the thought of stopping it from happening again. The United States will possibly be seen in a bad light because knowledge that they may either have been able to help stop the problem or could help now will make the people of more than one country angry. This puts the U. S. in a precarious position. Other countries ask for our help but at the same time tell our country to stay out of their business. It is not easy. Sentiments run high with this problem.

A tidal wave will be felt by this Continent in the next year.

South China Sea, Greater Sunda Islands, or Indonisia

An earthquake or volcano will rock this part of the world in the next fifteen months. I feel spring or summer breezes but it will not be too warm until the happening.

Two ships

Two ships, one may be a cruise ship, the other a tanker or freighter, will collide. There is not a great loss of life. This could even be in a ships channel.

The Pope

Pope John Paul will not perform Christmas Ceremonies next year either.


This party, too late, will realize that their rock throwing has broken glass in their own house. (Before you Republicans get mad at me, that is the party I am affiliated with although I try to vote the man.) The year will bring a time when Republicans are like Coyotes trying to watch their tails. One of their biggest known Republicans will have one of the worst years he has had so far.


There seems to be a parting of the land there, not on a grand scale but a little shaking going on. This could be a train making a hole in the ground.

Murder in Harlem

This is more than one person, perhaps five killed, who make the world look at the incident with anger toward the ones who did the killing.

Please predict the outcome of this years Kenya elections in December 1997. Also predict on the future of Kenya after the elections and the person who may be the future president? What is going to happen to our economy next?

Best regards



Obviously, I missed the elections but let me tell you how the future for your country will stack up. About four months into the year, there is going to be put into effect massive changes. They will start small but will grow with age. Things will be looking better there. The country is ready for change. There will still be a few stragglers who have not got the good of the whole at heart, but change is in the works there now. It will be better in the next three years.

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa. Recently my country has been plagued by terrible violence committed by criminals who seem to have no concern for human life. Many innocent lives have been tragically and brutally ended. My question to you is, do you see an end in sight? How long will it be before the killing ends?

Thank you for your time


Johannesburg, South Africa

Unfortunately, I see no end to useless sacrifice of lives there in the next few months. I wish I could make everything better but I can’t. Maybe prayer can. When we all come together in prayer with love, we can change the world. There is something happening

in either the eighth month or in eight months which will help the situation but will not stop it completely.

I just crossed your web-site and got curious about your 1997 predictions. Could you possibly predict what will happen in Denmark this year ??!! Maybe it’s too far away ???

I have to check your other topics !! It sounds very interesting !

Thank you and bye for now !

Love from Denmark.


One of the good things for the world will come from your country in 1998. Like the Beatles came from England, you will have someone who will make an impact on the world come from your country. They may not be recognized in 1998 but will the next year.

Will President Clinton slide his way out of the Whitewater scandal and the Paula Jones incident?

President Clinton

I do not see anything happening to President Clinton in a detrimental way on either of these incidents. We, the American public, decided a long time ago that President Clinton was among our presidents who had very strong libidos. Paula Jones will write a book in the next two years. She will probably have a movie made she doesn’t want done later. She will receive money to go away. The American public does not think she needs an apology. Therefore President Clinton doesn’t either.

Whitewater is akin to other party nay saying about the party who is in office. The American public has become immune to this type announcement and though they may listen to the media hype feel as if they are not a party to what is going on. In this time of people not wanting to take responsibility for their actions, the public is saying “so what.”

President Clinton will not be held accountable for Whitewater. He will be remembered for most of the good things we think he has done while in office. There will also be something not so good remembered although it may not come by his hand.

Dear Da Juana,

one interesting question for you. What will be happening this year in Belgrade, e.i. Serbia and Yugoslavia? Please, send me your answer via e-mail, because it is the only way I can read it.

Happy New Year!

Kindest regards from journalist,


Belgrade, Serbia and Yugoslavia

More of the same, I am afraid. You have three more years of the turmoil you have seen thus far. The economy, though I cannot understand this, seems to be getting better towards the end of the 1998 year and into 1999. Hope is there for you.

An explosion of some sort will be in the top of Serbia. This is a factory or building that makes energy.

DEAR DA JUANA, I live in Bangkok, Thailand. In your predictions of 1997, you have not mentioned anything about South East Asia, Bangkok. We are going through an especially bad time right now and everybody is suffering. It looks like it’s going to get worse. Do you see any hope for an improvement and if so how far away. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Thanking you,


Bangkok, Thailand

I wish I could say that things will get better there quickly but sadly I do not see it. What I do see though is a medicine coming from your country which will help the world, both on a spiritual and physical plane. It will take another three to six years to see your economy get stronger.

Why don’t you have any thing about Central America or Costa Rica??

A new dam or water treatment facility will upgrade Central America or Costa Rica. Although Central America has lots of growing pains, it is going to become a major influence on commerce. Costa Rica is the new play ground for the rich and famous. It will also serve to educate the world on our environment.

There is the shaking of ground in Costa Rica, right at the top and down the left side when looking at a map.

Dear Da Juana,

I am C I from Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean. Hope you already know about my beautiful country ..especially for our nice beaches… Would be grateful to know about the future of my country-I mean economically etc… I take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year 1998… Hope that you’ll read my little mail.


Mauritius Island in the Indian Ocean

The economy is going to be growing over the next four months, even to six months then you will see a small correction if that is what you want to call it. Over all, your economy seems to be doing pretty well.

I didn’t know about your island but when you wrote, I saw a very pretty place. One that is beautiful and almost untouched but is on the brink of being commercialized.

Dear Da Juana,

Israel in particular but is it impossible to see any country in the Middle East independently from other countries.

Have a nice and ‘predictive” weekend.

Sincerely yours,



There will be more blood shed there in 1998. A noble old building will die.

One would hope that this would not happen but it seems Israel has a volatile energy around it now. Such a beautiful country should have a more loving nature but alas religion tends to keep it in an uproar. There have been more people killed in the name of God than in any war, not considered holy, ever conceived by man.

I wish all the people who believe in a higher power, be it God, Allah, Mohammed or whomever would come together to create a more loving energy for their country and the world. Unfortunately, I do not think we will see this happen for a long time. Four years from now, I do see some change for the better.


My name is A and one thing that I am interested in is the result from the world cup!

Every time that I read your horoscopes exactly the same thing has happened so I thought if you predict the outcome of the world cup then it would probably be right!!

The Group that I would like you to particularly concentrate on is group F with USA and Germany and Yugoslavia and Iran.

Thank You!!

USA and Germany and Yugoslavia and Iran

My husband had to tell me what the world cup is. He said it is soccer. Yugoslavia came first to mind, then the USA, then Germany, and last but not least, Iran.

Dear Da Juana

Please let me know of your 1998 predictions. I will be more interested to know about South Africa. This will be valuable for me, so as to have a better insight of what will happen to this country as we are counting the days when Mandela will be stepping down as the President of the country (in 1999). He has already stepped down as the President of the ruling party (ANC).

If it is within your willingness, please give some predictions about the great statesman, President Mandela. I am concerned what will happen to him now and after he retires from active politics.

PS: Thank you very much for your web site, I enjoy it and is very



South Africa

President Mandela

There are some health problems for this great man. He has given of himself so much that he is beginning to want something for himself. This is not a selfish gesture but one of living life. He would like to see some of the nicer side of life before he dies this time.

This will not keep him from being involved with what is happening in South Africa, however. His effects on government will be felt for another twenty years to come.

Life has dealt this man a hard hand to play, but play it he has to the best of his ability.

Da Juana, I’m eighteen years old and I’m from Brazil. Can you tell me the predictions to Brazil in this year?




I see major construction going on in your part of the world. A wealthy, strong country is being born. The birthing process sometimes hurts. There is a man who will die for what he believes here.

Hi there, my name is J B and I am writing from Cape Town, South Africa. Before I write on, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I have never seen a more comprehensive horoscope site than yours – its great!!!! I have noticed from your 1997 predictions (and those in the past) that most of them occur in Europe and United States. Could you give me some indication as to what is expected for South Africa and if possible, Cape Town in particular for the next 12 months?

Much obliged.


Cape Town, South Africa

The economy is growing over the next eighteen months with a new business development well on it’s way. Growth in computers and something specific having to do with computers is one of the major focuses for the next year.

Dear Da Juana,

Would you like to do some predictions on the country of Malaysia?

Thank you,



There is a serious illness which will show itself in three to six months. A new vaccination will help.

A person rises from once royal lineage to help the country.

Hi, do you have any predictions for Ireland. I will let you know if they come true.         P


Fighting will continue there but Ireland’s people are beginning to wish for peace as much as others are. There are major changes coming in the next six years. Both sides will feel they have made progress. A lady, with an Irish name, well loved will die.

HI Da Juana…..I am a young girl from Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles. The N. A. is facing some economic problems here and I would like to know if we will get out of these problems. There will be elections too next year in January. I will be very happy if you respond to this email. See ya and luv from a friend.

Curacao, the Netherlands Antilles

The Netherlands will see some relief either over the next seven months or after the next seven months. The number seven stays in my mind for your country but it is not in years, it is months.

A new energy plant will put many people to work and help the economy.

Horses also come to mind in doing something good for the country.

I want to ask you about the 1998 predictions for my country, Indonesia, especially about economy and corruption. May be you can tell me when the corruption will be uncovered. Also I would like to know the role of Indonesia in the world, is it good or bad. Will the economy be fine in the second millennium ?


There will be some corruption uncovered in two years. This will have started, though, in the next two months. It will take that long to get the evidence by a person who is frightened but will stand up for what they believe. This person is not necessarily a man.

Indonesia’s economy will be down for the next three years but is struggling hard to come to terms with itself. When it does, service will be the answer. Education will be granted to those who want it.

Feeding the world is what I heard. A drought elsewhere will cause prices to go up.