Da Juana’s 1999 Psychic Predictions

As with preceding years, I ask that you please let me know when one of my predictions has come true. Without your help, I may never know. Please email me the proof and I will use your letter and keep you anonymous.

It is not always easy to do predictions for the world because it is not as if it is a person sitting in front of you or on the phone on which you are totally concentrating. The world has many changes going on and for one person to see everything is quite unusual.

When I am doing my predictions for the world, it is always easier if I have someone ask me certain questions because the answer usually comes before they can finish their question. That is certainly more easy for me but generally I have to use the old hunt and peck method. Taking an Atlas, I turn from page to page and see what pops up.

A special thanks to all of you who have told me how much you enjoy my predictions and have asked me to predict world events for you. Some of those are listed below.

I thank you for reading my work. Happy 1999!   

South America

Columbia, South America

A new form of government will be more like the democracy the people are looking for. The economy will be at a stalemate for about six months and then will start growing with a very good outlook for the future.

Bolivia, South America

I see a mountain falling, perhaps it is a mud slide or something greater than that. If it is a volcano, then the lava looks muddy.

Buenos Aries

Your city is becoming even better known for it’s tourism. There is also some turmoil within the city that will bring the eyes of the world to full attention on you within seven to nine months.

A new industry with some sort of metal will bring you a better economy.

Atlantic Ocean

It will be noticed that land is rising there. It will not come out of the water but it will be noted none the less.

An explosion will be seen here in four to eight months.

United States of America

An explosion is heard either close to the President or his family. This is not life threatening but is a source of concern.

The first lady will show another side to her character this year. There is also a problem with her throat which is not serious but will be a bother.

Republicans will loose another couple of high party leaders but will not learn to listen to the people who have put them into power. (I am a republican believe it or not.) They need to quit thinking of power and start thinking more about the mundane running of the government.

Montana, North Dakota

I feel that you will feel the earth move this year probably between the fourth and sixth month.

California, Arizona, and Nevada

A strong earthquake of 5.3 or more will rock your borders. It will hit all three or just two but the hits will be felt because of California.

California will also take a hit of 4.0 or better in the greater Los Angeles area on the Fifteenth or Sixteenth.

Nashville, Tennessee

A new sound to come from this area. What we had considered country music will change again.

Lubbock, Texas

Lubbock, Texas will be in the news this year. Notoriety is not what it wanted at this time. Hopefully we can all remember that what seems bad at the time is only one of life’s lessons.


It looks to me as if there is a cave or mine collapsing. Fear is all around this situation.

More on the JonBenet Ramsey case. The parents will cry again. Say a prayer for those two people. They need it.


Weather patterns will continue to be unstable. The United States will get more rain on the east coast and will start to become drier on the southwest coast. It will not be dessert dry but drier. Snow will fall when it shouldn’t. Heat will be seen more frequently in the winter and we will see more rain in the midwest. There is something about two killer storms but I do not think they will be as devastating as some we have seen.


An enzyme will be in the news to help with an old health problem. The lack of this enzyme will cause heart problems. It has not been found to be a cause of cardiac problems yet but will be in the next three years. This will put a new look on medical practice in the cardiac unit.

Diet is going to be more in the news. It is not diet for loosing weight but what you eat and how it effects your health.

Internal parasites will be shown to cause more disease than what was first thought.


Canada will have a problem with a wooded area on the west side of the country. It is either burning or being destroyed in some manner. This will cause quite a stir. The incident almost seems self inflicted.

A well known leader dies.

What looks like a tornado will come from your country towards the United States. This will be an unusual weather phenomenon.


A new type of farming industry is coming into it’s own this year.


On the southeast side of the island in a very large city, there will be turmoil. I see people very upset. They have an unsettled feeling as if they are at a loss for guidance.

Glasgow, Scotland

The people here will have something to rejoice about in the coming year. Good for you. This shows me sunshine in your fair city. It seems that you need it now after the last five years.


More political unrest. It is almost as if you have two parties warring against one another. I wouldn’t have thought we could have gotten more warring than the Republicans and the Democrats, but you India, will take the cake. There will be weapons fired because of the reaction to your policies this year.

Your economy is growing in spots. The central part of India will be one of those places to become economically charged.

Saudi Arabia

You will lose someone you loved this year. It seems the whole country takes a deep breath and remembers the good this person has done.

Jordan, Iraq

There is to be some major friction along the Jordan, Iraq border.

There will be a new act of terrorism attributed to Sadam Hussein. This will probably be within three to six months.

Below the Equator

There is to be a new rush of some sort just as we did for oil and gold some years ago. This, I do not think is either gold nor oil but will be comparable to those rushes.

Aircraft disaster

This year I see two disaster’s that will make the citizens of the world cry out for better maintenance and attention to detail from the manufacturers.

Prince Charles

Prince Charles has a problem with his right leg this year. It may be a break or an old knee injury resurfacing.

Camilla will be more in the lime light this year. This is not necessarily good though. Although the press is saying the England accepts her more now, the people will show that this is not completely true.

Prince William

Prince William’s cute little girl friend, with brown hair, will surprise some this year. He is more grown up than his father thinks. The girl may remind him of his mother in some ways.

Queen Elizabeth

She is looking at a prolonged illness this year. The queen will recover but will have a shorter temper than before.


Your economy is still not going to be the best in the next six to eight months but you are beginning to get a handle on the situation. Another country will become more interested in your welfare and assist you in some major renovation.

I see fire in a city to the southeast of the island. This will not completely consume the city but will cause much concern. This may happen in the next nine months to a year.

South Korea

South Korea is a growing economic entity. It is looking towards growing in a material sense rather than with military might but it will keep the military in order to preserve it’s dignity. Fear of another country in close proximity makes it continue to keep it’s military in shape.


Singapore has other rows to hoe right now. It needs to keep it’s economic head above water. It will but it will be after the first couple of gasps of water. When it really feels it is drowning, this city will find the inner strength to come back to life. In three to five years growth looks better for this great city.


Your divisive battle between your people will continue for another three to ten years. In remembering that you live on a beautiful island, try to find a way to get along.


Two leaders will emerge here. People be sure of what you want before you change. Remember change is sometimes good but as the old horse thought, “The grass was greener on the other side until he got there.” You may be doing the same. A choice you make in the next six months will decide your future.


I wish I could see peace and prosperity for your country now but I am sorry I don’t. This will be another three years in the making. Then you will be able to begin to rebuild your home.


Weather will cause concern this year.

An earthquake causing an eruption

I don’t know if this is in Japan or not but I heard as I was working on Japan’s prediction that an earthquake would cause an eruption. Having little or no knowledge of how volcano’s work, I don’t understand why I got the information the way I did but I should not question. A couple of years ago, I saw fire under ice and it happened.

A star is born

We will acknowledge that a new star has been found which can sustain life as we know it. I guess when people on other planets see us, they think we are a star too.


There is a sense of everything slowing down except for spending. It is almost as if we are getting ready for something, like a bear hibernating before spring. With the subconscious knowledge of the world, we are gearing up for some changes to come. The anticipation is not one of horror but one of the first explorers. Let’s see what is around the corner.

We, the people, of earth create our own existence. If we think that everything will go wrong, then it will. A mass consciousness can create havoc or renewal. Please believe that the world is going to be a better place for all creatures involved and it will be.