Da Juana’s 2000 Psychic Predictions

New Royalty

A Princess will be born or conceived this year.

United States of America

A disaster befalls a politician either from the Midwest or in the Midwest.

There will be an upheaval of land either on or near the east coast about midway up the continent. This could be an earthquake or something that moves the land such as an explosion.

A Supreme Court judge will be gone or in hiding this year.

Crops burned on accident or because of a disease in upper Midwest.

A whole area becomes sick, mysteriously, leaving doctors to wonder what or who caused the illness.

Mold spores will visit the news in 2000. Some will be found to cure while others hurt.

A river rowing accident will make the news.

Stocks go up until June and then plunge only to regain their footing within three days or three weeks.

A complete human heart will be grown in a lab but will not be utilized by being implanted into a human this year. Look for this to happen within two years.

Too many fears will escalate the violence in this country. People are going to have to become more intelligent by learning that we are all human but part of God. If we each looked at each other as if we were truly brother and sister, there would be no true hurts in this world done by violent means.

A bank deposit or withdrawal will make the news this year. This has something to do with the letters, “T” or “N.”

Something held up by columns or ropes in the West will fall.

There will be an unusual snow pattern in Washington State or what looks to be snow will be on the ground well past the time snow should have melted.

Time will have to be reset. Don’t ask me about this one. I don’t even know why my guides would say this.


There will be four major earthquakes in the world this year. One of them might have to do with mud or lava.   The number three figures prominently with this.

Western Europe or Western Russia

A city here needs help because of a major catastrophe.


The Nile Valley will be in the news this year. Something old will be new again. I heard something about the Valley of the Kings.

From around the Red Sea to Libya, on the northern part of Africa, close to Asia, I see some sort of Army moving from East to West. It reminded me of the show Rat Patrol only with the different vehicles.

Mauritania will have a killer weather pattern this year. This storm will come from nowhere to strike at a time it is not expected.

Egypt elections or rulers are in the forefront of people’s minds there. There is going to be a change, which may not be expected.

Uganda will have a problem with either too much or too little water this year but water seems to be a problem.


Budapest will see people in the streets. They are holding their arms above their heads with what appears to be celebration rather than surrender in mind.


Bulgaria seems to need some help with food this year.

Russia or an Ice Cap

The iceman really does come. This one may be dressed a little less than warm for the region. He may cause anthropologists to rethink timing for the world.


A new drug created here will illicit some very unexpected feelings.

South America

In Brazil, close to Peru, an aircraft will crash.

Rubber plants will be found to have a problem or to cure a problem this year.


There is something going on here with accolades for the education taught in this country. Either there are schools that are ahead of all modern education or they are bringing them up to par with something they are trying, which will be an example to others.

Caribbean Sea

This is going to sound spectacular again but I see a firestorm or what looks like one out on the Caribbean Sea close to Columbia.

Saudi Arabia

A hospital or building in the south will partially be brought down. Part of the building is left. It reminds me of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Philippines or Japan

Either the Philippines or Japan will have an under earth problem this year. I see them investigating a problem there. It reminds me of the Japanese subway problems but this may not be a subway.


A new singer will emerge from here. This one will not be what was expected but will command great audiences.

A disease, which may be a childhood disease like measles, will upset Melbourne.


Health problems will recur in the Central part of Mexico. The world will need to help eradicate this problem again.


In the northern part of Antarctica, under South America, a new seal will be found. Assumption would lead one to believe that this is an animal. I am not so sure.


An author does it again with a book similar to what Salmon Rushdie did some years ago.

Rogers and Hammerstien will be revisited this year. News will be showing that popular name again.


A well known baseball player with the initials, “D” or “J”, will have a problem that may end his career this year.

There is going to be an even bigger uproar over people in sports this year and their responsibility to their fans, especially the children. Sports personalities should take responsibility by the very fact that they are in the limelight but each of us has that same responsibility for teaching our youth right and wrong. How do you think we have gotten to this place? It does not take religion to do this but rather mothers, fathers and neighbors who care about youngsters.

A team whose uniforms have yellow, gold or dark blue will be in the Super Bowl in 2000.

A red uniformed team will win the hockey playoffs. I wish it were green for the Dallas Stars again.


A little unknown force appears large at the Oscars this year.

A woman with the initials “R” or “M” will announce another pregnancy this year.

The woman with initials or “G” or “J,” who broke her back in an automobile/bus accident will appear in the news again this year. Hopefully it is not for the same reason.

Funding for the entertainment arts will hit the big time this year and may be linked to the Internet.

A man with the initials of “R” or “W” will have an illness this year, which we may or may not find out about then.

There is going to be a life’s problem around one of my favorite singers whose name starts with and “L.”