Da Juana’s 2001 Psychic Predictions

United States

A new bomber like the uni-bomber will hit the US within a month and a half to a year and a half. The bombings may surprise us all as to whom is chosen.

Kansas City or Springfield will mourn this year.

Wisconsin will see fire unexpectedly.

Billings Montana is celebrating something old but renewed.

Movement of land around San Francisco on the thirteenth is shaking the country.

There seems to be what looks like an outlaw hold up in the Cascades.

A major bank failure will be thwarted by a computer. Either another bank will buy them before the failure or someone who uses computers will see this coming and tell them how to reform their practices.

Plane crashes in Ohio.

Had Gore become president, I was frightened for him. The assassination attempt that will happen in sixteen to eighteen months would have killed him but may only wound our new president. There will be three attempts on our president’s life. Please, United States remember who we are. We are a free nation full of rights. Our president is the chosen head of our country and deserves our respect as the head of state. He should be kept safe.

A new songster will come from Elvis’s hometown.

Jackson Hole or the area around it is going to experience some movement of either land or snow.

Around the Great Lakes, the land will seem drier this year while the southern states will feel the wet. Florida’s water table will almost fill up again this year. A storm will move to the north and turn to come back to Norfolk area. Another storm will move into Baja and southern California.

A politician is condemned.

Southeastern part of the United States may see a plane crash that takes more than a few lives.

Hawaii will shake again this year.

Ecology—We need to look our life and the environment over. Take into stock how we will live on earth in the next few years and the years to come. It is time to start taking this into account for ourselves rather than leaving it for someone else. New forms of energy need to come forth so that we quit relying on the old ones. Nothing last forever, not even the earth if she is not taken care of. Talk with your congressperson to encourage new forms of energy and ways to keep our environment clean.

Deaths in the U S and around the world

A woman we all know and love will die at the hands of others. She reminds me of Selena. I had forecast her death on a radio show here in Dallas/Ft. Worth but I said that she came from the Mexican people.

A man with an “R” name, who is known to all, will not live past the first two months of 2002.

A man who has tried to unite a country with an “M” name will either be killed or die within thirteen months. People who didn’t even know him will mourn him.

Sports in the United States

 A green and a blue or gray team will be in the Superbowl.

A white and a green team will vie for the Stanley Cup. (Bring it on home Stars, I hope.)

In baseball, a red team will come out of nowhere.

Someone with an “A” name will be accused of wrongdoing, such as what Pete Rose was accused of, but will be vindicated.

In Basketball a blue team will make the goal.

People in the News

Donald Trump will hit the news for something he was supposed to have done but did not do.

A new woman will come forward with accusations toward a very well known politician. Her name starts with either a “C,” “S” or “K” because they sound alike.

Two new marriages of stars are made known.

A lady with an “M” name will announce another pregnancy.

A beautiful voice will cease to speak. His name may begin with a “J.”

Medical history will be made by a man with a “C” name.


A new medication will come from this country that will make its mark on the world.


Old rocks or scrolls with inscriptions on them will show history differently.


Ottawa will need uniformed men by May this year or next.

Montreal has a trial that will hold Canada’s attention.

A ravine in Saskatchewan is in the news.

Liberty is born. Don’t ask, maybe it is a town.


In a triangle around Chihuahua and Torreon an explosion of sorts will take place. It may be mud or fire.


Castro has an illness but has not told the world yet. News will leak out.


Argentina will come up with a new form of mining in the next eighteen months.


 Sweden will usher in a new dance sensation.


What looks like a civil uprising may start in a neighboring country and extend to Germany.

New Queen

I don’t know where this is but I heard a new queen will take the throne.


Glasgow sends us new entertainment.


The southern part of France will have a factory or building explode before night.


 A new epidemic, which could come from milk, will scare this nation.

Mediterranean Sea

In the twilight, two to three ships will collide or be in the same area as a hurt ship is.


A new edict for Rome is formed.

The Old Soviet Union

From the west new money will be made in the old Soviet Union.


Korea will have it’s own hot spots to squelch this year.


Japan’s economy will still deteriorate for another six to nine months causing further frustration and anger of its people.

More crime will ripple through the streets of Japan.

A new corporation will open new doors for other countries in Japan within the next thirteen months. The closed society of workmen will realize that we are truly becoming a worldwide society. We are our brother’s keepers.


A new epidemic of sorts will break out here affecting the young and the old.


China’s rebellion is continuing to grow with innocence. Without having to fight for new rights, they are becoming insinuated quietly.


Struggle still exist between India and two other countries. This will continue for the next five years. One will drop out of the fight but two will remain strong in their opposition.

Saudi Arabia

Close to Yemen there will be problems.


This country will show how unsettled it is this year.


Jordan and Israel might have words in the coming months. A new leader will emerge even though he may not be king.


If there is not more listening to the woes of others this year, there will be a war by the end of the next year. Red will be worn to show the blood of those who have died.


Another explosion or mishap, which hurts people, will happen on a military ship in water starting with an “A.”

A Greek or Liberian cruise ship will be hijacked before September.


Three will happen in the United States this year, one of which, has never had an earthquake since the U S was founded.