Da Juana’s 2002 Psychic Predictions

United States

Miscellaneous Predictions

Juneau Alaska will be upset in a “J” month.

In Alaska a fish “die off” will have scientist baffled and upset.

In Oregon or Washington a volcano is beginning to murmur again.

There will be another incident that appears to be terrorist involved around the number four such as the fourth month or the fourth day.

An attempt will be made again on the Presidents life between the fourth and seventh month or between April and July. He will be safe but a couple of others may not fare as well. (Please, United States, keep our President safe. He is not only our President but is the symbol of the United States of America. To harm him would be to harm the United States.)

A new partnership will be arranged with a country once thought to be an enemy. This new friend will help the United States in their time of need or so it appears.

An illness will break out in a western town on the eastern side of the mountains that will have suspicious beginnings but will be controlled.

The economy will continue to be about the same for the next six months to a year but the Dow will take a leap and a drop around a “J” month. The Dow will recover and become stronger over the next two years.

Mississippi or the Mississippi Basin will be in the unwanted news again this year within three to six months.

Politicians are beginning to accept that the war on drugs is still decades away from being won. Some are looking at news ways to relieve the war without giving in to the enemy since some wars can’t be won. Only brave politicians will dare go where these few are looking but it is a time for brave new beginnings.

Now is the time for neighbor to know neighbor and go back to the times when the whole street knew each other. That will take a few years longer even though terrorists attacks should make us draw closer to our friends and neighbors. This year and next will make the United States cling to friends and neighbors. Patriotism is a call word for the next five years.

Nevada will see some large fires this year.

Money will continue to be hoarded as if we are waiting for the other shoe to drop.


In the South from Louisiana to Northern Florida there will be more rain around the first five months. Flooding in the upper Mississippi River States will cause even more problems for those Southern states.

The Northeast will be drier but will have a very large storm bring some relief between July and September.

People in the Mid-East will realize how beautiful weather really can be.

Florida will scorch from hotter temperatures.

Texas to Arizona will be cooler in summer temperatures.

California to Nevada will alternate between cooler, warmer, wetter and drier weather.

Flooding around the Great Lakes will cause considerable damage.


A suicide attempt will not be disclosed but will fail by a well known person whose name starts with a “K,” “C,” or “E.”

Two stars, once divorced, will try to make a marriage again. It will not work.

Demi Moore will be in the news again this year either with a new book or with a new movie.

A car accident will hurt a man with a “B” or “W” initial but will not kill him. He will re-evaluate his life.

A killing, which reminds me of John Lennon’s death on the street, will hurt and anger people.


A major college coach with initials that start with a “J” or a “P” has a very serious illness of which he is not aware yet. This should be known in about three years. This man could stop the disease by checking his abdominal area now.

Michael Jordan will have some minor eye problems in the next three to six months.

Ken Hitchcock will be asked to serve another team in 2002 or 2003 but will turn it down. A woman will need his help this year.

A man who was very involved in football with “J” initials will find himself a grandfather of a little boy this year possibly around September.

A woman will make sports news by driving.

A car accident will take the life of a well-known sports figure and two others.

Kansas City will mourn over sports or a sports figure.

Around the World

For the last four to five years I have been concerned with land from Libya to Iran because of the volatility I feel. Syria really bothers me. I see a small country that will trigger a larger catastrophe. Like the center of an explosion it will create shockwaves going out to other areas. The initials “S,” “J” or “H” may be heavily involved. We should know by the end of July why I am so concerned.


Earth movement on the west side between the 20 and the 30 latitude and longitude lines

South Africa

Boating accident off the tip of the coast


There will be fire around Kyoto or Osaka having to do with the number 15 latitude, longitude, or in an area within 150 miles.


A big change is coming for the government there.


Above and to the left of Mazar-e on December 16, 2001 resided Ali Bin Laden. He is on the move on December 26, 2001 towards Iran but is not making his move very quickly. A woman is helping him to hide. Iran will help him when Pakistan will not.

Saudi Arabia and Yemen

A disease which could have possibly been man made will hit especially hard the southeastern section of Yemen.

Saudi Arabia will have problems in the oil fields again this year.


The government in New Delhi will have big decisions to make this year. A change is in order.


Romans will cry and celebrate.


A flood will upset the city.


Sorely needed good economic news will come to you this year.

Puerto Rico

A hurricane will just miss or barely touch the eastern side of the island.


Castro will turn to another for part of the running of government but will not completely give up his dictatorship. His health is worsening although he has been told that he is better about three months ago in October 2001.


The peso will go down even more this year before the sixth month. I hear that it has been devalued.


The western side of Canada will feel the earth move on a number with a two and five or twenty-five. There is also a rescue that will be made in the western side of Canada that will make the world take notice, which may have nothing to do with earth movement.

Around Alberta, time will change or stop around noon to three. This makes no sense to me but I am to say it.

A new leader will emerge in the government. He has dark hair and a winning smile with engaging eyes. His name may begin with a “C” or “W.”


A new flower will be found among the snow.

India and Pakistan

A high government official or a very well known diplomat will die. War between these two countries will consist of many small skirmishes even though people involved will consider them large. On the scale of wars fought, however, they will still be considered small.


The economy in Singapore will still take about three more years to recover sufficiently for the citizens to fell safer where money is concerned.

Fires are Northeast of the city of Singapore.


War will continue into 2003 under a different guise. Politics of the United States demands it persist.

Bin Laden will die but it may not be from American hands or in Afghanistan. By now he has made his way to Iran. Although he thinks he is safe, he may have found the very place that he can never be safe.

War fears come from West of Afghanistan in a very small country such as Syria or Jordan.

Football and the Superbowl

Although sports are not my favorite predictions because I do not follow them, in the Super bowl I see a dark colored team that starts with an “R” and a green team starting with a “P.” My thought is that the dark colored team will win.