Da Juana’s 2003 Psychic Predictions

United States

A catastrophe in Southern Maine will cause some of the population to be displaced.

A politician in the Southern Midwest has some serious problems with money.

A new serial killer will move again over grounds covered by another, possibly Illinois or Indiana.

The United States of America will go to war thinking they are only fighting one country when in actuality they are fighting two. A friend of America turns semi-foe. Other countries will only grow more disenchanted with our values and wealth.

By February, mothers will cry.

In the west, a suspended cable will fall causing grave concern.

The northwest will become terrorized before fall. Either an explosion or a problem with water will create great concerns.

New gambling places will emerge in the desert farther south.

San Diego will feel tremors around the thirteenth.

Phoenix will get the lion’s share of attention in the news in 2003.

Springfield will be both jubilant and depressed in an “M” month.

Louisiana will have to rework its prison system again much to the chagrin of lawmakers.

A needed ore load will be found in the Appalachian Mountains.

Two more airlines have to be re-structured. Southwest will look at those lines and decide to make more major changes for their better.

A new amusement land will be announced to be built either on the eastern shores of Florida or around the Gulf of Mexico. Mega-homes such as condos will spring up even more as people want to get in on the festivities.

A new form of communication is taking place in the first few months of the new year. This may not be announced until the end of the year or into 2004.

A crater is formed in the middle of the U S or towards the West before it turns cold again.

Religion will take another hit as only trying to protect its self this year and not those who believe in it. This is not good because people are becoming more disenchanted with organized religion with each passing day. There is a place for religion. The injustice is when man is involved they believe they are doing what is best for all although it may not be so. Living by the “Golden Rule” should be enough for all religious institutions but undoubtedly this is not so. God is the father/mother of all the earth’s children. No matter what name we call our deity, we should all realize that we are all brothers and sisters on earth. Fighting is not the way to keep us all alive and healthy. Working together for the good of all is.

Texas, Oregon and Nevada has fires in 2003.

The Northeast part of the United States and possibly parts of Canada will feel tremors by natural or manmade reasons.

A man is shot as he ascends the massive old steps.


New York will see another storm coming from the Northeast before or around the fourth month of the year.

The Mississippi Valley will have both floods and drought depending upon where you are situated.

Five to seven tropical storms will worry the eastern seaboard.

Although they are telling us that we are in an El Nino year and can expect more rain, West Texas will need water.

Flooding up the Mississippi will displace people who thought they were safe.

Snow will be more prevalent in the spring around the Northwestern part of the U S and up into Canada with an unexpected snowstorm.


The Mavericks will place high up in the playoffs but unless something changes, and it should, a gold team will beat them.

Diamondbacks will play hard and make history again.

The Superbowl will host a green and a red or orange team.

Seven will be hurt in car crashes in the 2003 season. Two will be killed and not necessarily at the races.

A person with a “T” or “A” name will be re-visited by an illness he has seen before.

In hockey, a red and a white team match wits for the Stanley Cup.

Football’s leader is spotlighted in the news within the first four months of the year.

People in the news

Ben and Jennifer will have a rocky road. In the next three months, a loud argument between the two can be heard but they will probably weather the storm for now. Their relationship is going to be a weathering of storms but both like the excitement. Ben will have a harder time with the relationship over the next two years.

Another star with a “J” name will have a serious illness in the abdomen, which will be controlled.

A new child is born to a person with an “M” name.

Our president will see dissension generated towards him over the first six months of 2003 even though it may appear everyone is in his corner.

Around the World


Like the Phoenix, a strong, dark man will rise from the ashes of the land and will help this country within five years. Until then, there is going to be a famine both agriculturally and economically. He will be a boon to the country mentally and physically. This man really has the good of the country he loves at heart.


This country will be in mourning within the next six months. What they thought couldn’t and shouldn’t happen, does.


Fire on the mountain. The west side of Brazil sees some heightened turmoil too.


A holy place will suffer damage.


Serious illness and death will hit the middle to upper portions of this beautiful land and may be felt in Mexico City.


Water is higher on the Northeastern part of the Island. Fear that it could have been worse sparks interest in making their home safer.


Good comes from doing good and Canada tries. A new star will rise from there and he shall make everyone notice.

Fire will hit the Middle Eastern part of the country above and east of the Great Lakes. This will be considered a catastrophe.

A well-known politician with a bit of a belly will die close to summer. He was known for his genial behavior and snake-like quickness.

This prediction was made on the “Buzz and Harvey” show on February 26, 2003.

I said that an attempt would be made on the Presidents life in the middle of the year around June, July or August and that it would have something to do with a motorcade.

In January on “The Russ Martin Show,” I said that the new coach of the cowboys, Mr. Parcels, will either have heart trouble or loose something or someone he loves in fifteen months to two years.

On this same show, I said that around the thirteenth of February or April, San Diego will feel tremors.