Da Juana’s 2004 Psychic Predictions

United States

A new killer much like the son-of-Sam or something about the original will be back in the news.

Terrorism will touch our land again. A fright before the end of April or May will make us wonder if we were hit again.

News will speak of a town that is sick.

Chemicals will be in the news this year, an explosion or poison where towers stand.

Children will be spotlighted and how we can help them.

A group of people in the Northwest will be eyed with suspicion because of their beliefs.

Everything about the feel of the United States is that emotions are up in the air. We are not sure of what we want or how to get what we think we want. As long as we are in this mode, we will continue to feel the same way. As creators, we need to pray that we all start to want the best for our country and the world. When we start that thought, and it only takes a few to start it, then the rest of the nation will pick up that emotion and work towards creating better for all.

Oregon or Washington will see fire that is not manmade. Smoke and ash might make living hard in latter spring to summer months.

A new discovery in the Northwest will make researchers wonder about evolution.

Aircraft disaster over the Pacific.

A cure for hepatitis is announced but will not be seen nationally for a few more years.

Transportation will take a hit with two tragedies involving a bus and a train.

A ship blows up.

USS Cole will take another hit within the next sixteen months. This may be inflicted or an accident which doesn’t appear to be one at first.

Forgotten money will be back in the news.

Bees or products from bees will be talked about as an aid for an old disease.

Denver is the center of attention in the first five months.

Two earthquakes in California will cause a stir. One is in Los Angeles and the other is between LA and San Francisco. Baja will feel it too. The 17th or 18th may be the date.

The Philadelphia Liberty Bell will be in the news this year.

Pollution in the Great Lakes, Lake Superior or Erie, will make two countries take a big look at resolving the issue.

An early quake in the southeastern U S gets attention before the ninth month.

Alaska gets more than its share of water around Anchorage and Fairbanks finds a killer.

Oil fire in southern Texas.

I hear that a bomb is dropped. I don’t know if it is in the US or another part of the world or even if it is an explosive. It can be explosive as an issue. This will happen in the first part of 2004 within four to six months.

A government facility in the great plains or middle of the US, possibly around Colorado, will have to put out a fire underground.

People in the News

A new queen will rule the airwaves.

A person with an “M” name will be in an accident, which may take their life. The decision will be made in three months.

Another star with an “M” name may lose a baby. Our thoughts are with her and her family.

New questions will be raised about old news. Old cases may be reopened. The world will respond.

New music with an old sound comes from Nashville.


A person with family credentials will make a better name for himself in the race to win.

In the Superbowl there will be a red and a blue or silver team.

Hockey looks to a white and possibly a green team vying for the Stanley Cup.

A new racetrack is coming in the southeastern part of the US that is bigger and better than all the others.

Two new names will top racing.

A speckled horse will make you love him.


People’s spirit in the United States is still creating unrest. Although they want the economy to get better and they want to do what is right for themselves, they are very confused still and that is causing a wish-washy state of affairs for the US. Generally this country is upbeat but people are frightened of so many things that they are waiting for the other shoe to drop still. Until we decide that we can’t live with fright and start to make changes in our feelings, then we will continue to ride the roller coaster of worry.

The economy is getting better as I predicted before but it is not doing it in leaps and bounds as it once did. People out of work wonder if they will be able to go back to work and make the same amounts or better of money. This was a shaking out period. Not all people will return to the previous amounts of money or better than they were making but the economy will continue to rise very slowly.

The stock market will continue to rise slowly and will make adjustments in an “A” and “J” month.


Storms on the west side of the US will cause problems and concerns.

The southern middle section of the US will see more water.

The northern middle section of the US will see less water than seen in the past five years.

The southeastern US will have more water and the northeast will be about right.


Canada’s attitude is changing for the better. They are finding ways to make more money and provide even better for their population in the next six months. Although, Canadians may not believe it now, good things are happening for them. Their mindset is helping them to become one of the financially stronger nations of the world.

An invention will put Canada more on the map than they are now.

A woman, well known by all, will make big sacrifices this year.

Ontario will lead the country with thoughts of its own.

An outbreak in Quebec causes people concern.


On the southeast side of Australia, fires or water will make citizens worry.

Adelaide will have a saucy scandal that will leave residents wondering.

Illness will frighten the southern most residents. Something similar to Sars will scare them but it will turn out to be less than once thought.

Perth is in the news with unsettled property. There might be earthquakes in your home.

Children of Australia will make a difference this year.

New Zealand

Water will worry you this year, either a lack or abundance. I think it is abundance.


Chili will be in the news this year. People there will make a difference and they certainly know how to pick up the pieces and start over again. Smoke and sludge will cause problems.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia will find its fair share of problems this year. People will be asking very real questions of the government and people running it.

A vaccine will be needed.


South Africa around Namibia and Botswana will feel the need for water. Another two years will bring better supplies.

Chad will see an uprising.

(My hope for the continent of Africa is that peace will come and food and health will be there for all. Something about this country makes my heart sing. Please say a prayer for all involved there.)


A very well known man will die under mysterious circumstances.


France will become more outspoken and the world will listen.


A new cure will be initiated here.

Cayman Islands

A storm will frighten residents. (may be with fire)


Mexico is looking at another shifting of government. Either this is movement of land or people.

Chihuahua will catch a killer.


Either a Turkish airliner or one close to Turkey goes down.


A new product will flood the market. Everyone will need this friendly little object.

On the west side of Japan close to Honshu, a tragedy happens. People didn’t see it coming.

Southern Japan around Miyazaki is going to see their economy boom.

Fire or explosion around Matsuyama causes concern.


Singapore will see more evidence that their economy is rebounding but they are still not in the best of modes yet.

Religion will be in your news this year.

India and Pakistan

The war is not over yet. A scare will come from these two countries.


New technology, work and new ways of thinking will make this country stronger over the next two years. Some old belief systems and structure are giving this country a new lease on life.

Wars will reignite towards the south of Moscow.


Problems for this country are in the infancy stage. Trying to resolve how it feels about itself is a major focus while trying to keep its hands around what it thinks is its own.

People have a way of changing and when they do, they may take the country with them in change while those who are used to the old ways kick and scream to no avail.

This country will make major strides towards a new understanding of its government in the next five years. Changes will be made and China will be stronger than ever with great patriotism for the mainland. Others will feel that they are free but will continue to worry about the big bear of a country and the way it feels about them.

The World

The world is changing. Like an atom, it continues to renew itself by changing shape. Subconsciously, people’s attitudes are changing in small amounts and are looking for the greater good for all. Like a snowball rolling down a mountain gathering snow, we will make the world a better place. In trying to do this, we will see problems created by that change. Focus on the good of all and we will make a better planet.

Pray for the world and everyone in it.

We are not alone and we are no longer a gargantuan place like we used to think. When Sars can travel around the world in 24 hours, we are no longer large.

All of us need to focus on the good of all and pray for each country and its people that we all make better changes for the good of us all and that we love each other for our likeness and differences as well.