Da Juana’s 2005 Psychic Predictions

United States of America


A Person in racing with initials of a “D” or an “E” will have problems with his right side this year. This could have to do with his liver and he may not be aware that this is a problem for two years but he will find that this problem has been with him for a while when it is discovered. At this point he could change this if he were to make sure that he gets the proper vitamins.

The Super Bowl will have two “P’s” and “I’s” in it. At the first of the season, I told my husband that one team would only lose one game this season and at this time that is all they have lost but I think another team will give them all they want. Still, green and gold will fight it out. Green is the color of healing.

Red or orange will take the day in basketball.

Hockey will have to go back to the table three times after they think they have it right to get everyone back in the play but no one will be happy, least of all the fans.

People in the News

This might not be a person to some but a dog, with its antics, will make many happy this year. White and brown is a color everyone can love.

An actress with the initials “N” or “K” will see hurt again this year. Although she always tries to believe in the positive, she will wonder why she attracts negative.

A very beautiful, friendly, blonde woman will have to rethink her marriage and what she really wants in life over the next seven months. A “J” is involved. September will make a difference.

Ray will take the award but the actor will be upset.

An “L” will be upset and show it in the public eye.

A man with a hat, dark features, and bushy brows will be the center of attention. An “A” or an “R” comes to mind and possibly he appears in the middle part of our country.


The economy is moving very slowly and will continue to move at a snails pace but around June or July, there will be a real scare.


Across the northeast will be unseasonable weather. What should have been will be different. A storm will scare some around April or May.

Down Texas way, we will see more water along with the start of what is considered another drought.

California and the west will see less water than expected.

As a Nation

This year will make people once again question why and who we really are. An event that frightened us before will once again be thrust into our minds.

American soil will see red before November.

A place with a “K” initial will have all Americans talking. Things of which we thought couldn’t happen will be spoken. The east will be the topic.

Secrets will be shared by a person with a “B” or an “L” name.

Around the west coast, about Valentine’s, the earth will move. Again in March and close to the same place the upheaval will be seen again.

San Diego is in the news this year for the way the city pulls together in crisis.

A black cloud that may come from smoke, dirt or insects crosses over the Great Lakes heading south around March or April.

A new heart is in the news and it is met with both jubilation and fear.

The space program will take another lick this year.


Another large wave will wash over northern shores.

Business will stop for a day because of a crisis of sabotage.

Indian Ocean

Movement here will cause a stir in the scientific communities.


Calcutta will see crowds chanting for reform.

Sickness coming from the east will make those on the western shores cry for help on a day or month with an eleven.


Peace for Iraq will take another five years but it will happen after citizens find that they have to work together in order to keep their country in tact. As with any melting pot of a country, this will not be easy because no one believes exactly alike.

In the Northwest I see fires or bright lights like an explosion. Although fighting is happening here, this will be unexpected. A person who is well known will die. It could be that the explosion and the death happen in different places simultaneously.


Zaire has a crisis with health and invites others to help them. Generally, those in charge don’t like what they consider outside influences but they will invite this.


Wealth will come to you in a most unexpected way. You will become a nation of tourist within the next four years.


An ecological disaster on your western side will cause great concern. The good comes when you decide that things of this nature can’t happen again.

A new face in Parliament will make citizens of Canada proud before June. You are trying to change the world’s perception of itself by each person and you are succeeding.

A person with a “B” name is found in the middle of a weighty problem.

On the eastern side of Canada around the Hudson Bay, lights of an unusual nature will be spotted.

New Zealand

Parts of New Zealand will see more dry earth than wet this year but this will stop in a June or July. Another portion of the country will get very wet in September.

The economy is rebounding. This seems to have happened after a problem with animals.

Growth on the northern side of this beautiful island will be in the news.


Old will be new again. This reminds me of America’s love affair with the 60’s.

Murder of a well-known person that will implicate two others is in the news.

A new big bang theory will arise here. Academics will take a front seat across the world.

The economy is growing here and by the middle of the year you will see better than you have over the last few years.

And last but not least, peace starts with on person’s desire. Please desire peace now because our home planet is so small. We need to embrace our differences and love each other for them. After all, how many of us really want a friend that only says yes to us. In our differences we find strength.