Da Juana’s 2006 Psychic Predictions

United States

Our troops will not come marching home anytime soon. There is another action that they will be taking part in within the coming 6 months. Something that looks so small will rise up over the coming years to bite the world. The place or the people have an initial that begins with and “S” or a “C.” For me, this is the scariest part of any war yet and we won’t even realize it until after it has been accomplished.

Around the Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina area come headlines that has the US waiting. Is it natural or manmade? That is the question. It could be both.

A problem arises in the Rockies southwest of Denver. It almost looks like old-fashioned bank or train robberies. So that leads me to believe that our economy is not doing as well as indicators may indicate.

Around or in Phoenix there is a big fire in a refinery or something similar like a chemical plant, etc.

North and northeast of San Francisco the earth will move before March. Another quake will hit around September 12 and will involve a “G” or “J.”

Water problems south of Los Angeles either from the ocean in waveform or a pollutant is seen in the first six months.

The big island of Hawaii will see some earth movement around Hilo.

Northwest or central west forests will be in the news for what they are concealing.

New UFO sightings will amaze the Midwest.

Planes going south into either Texas or towards Mississippi/Alabama from the northwest will show true airline problems.

Over Michigan, state or lake, an airliner’s fear will show.

People in the News

Jennifer will not trust as easily again. Though she may be seen with a man, she will not be as willing to give her heart. She has another upset coming in the next two months.

Two deaths of well-known people will be associated with the White House this year. One is unexpected.

And old, loved voice will return to do new things. She may even give rise to new talent. Her name may start with a “B,” “M” or “T.”

A man with an “M” name will be found in the worst of circumstances.

A “K,” “R,” or “C” named man will find he has health problems.


Tennis will crown a new king.

Blue and black teams will be in the Super bowl. Blue will win.

A mare will take the race.


A big storm will rage up the United States east coast but will not do as much damage as thought.

Unexpected hailstorm pelts desert southwest.

Around the fringes of the Great Lakes in Canada and US, the weather is dryer than expected.

Warmer summer with unexpected cold in northeast.

Around the World

A tanker flounders in the Atlantic.

In the Pacific a problem with a sub is noted.

Fisherman’s nets will cause a considerable problem.

In the oceans a new disease can be found and it will help to eradicate one of mankind’s older diseases.

Old ruins are found in either the Atlantic Ocean or around the Mediterranean Sea, which scholars will love. This might even be in an inland sea.


With a number, “4” I see fire in the sky. This makes me wonder if the fire is at night because I can see it so readily.

The “Rising Sun” will see fire on its shores.


An epidemic of Biblical proportions will rain down upon these people before September but may not have full effects known until some months afterwards.


New ideas for world harmony, health and happiness will come from Canada in March. And “S” will provide the place for this natural setting.

A river in an “M” space will have sections that run red or look like clay because of the color. This will cause great concern because the powers that be will be unable to understand how this calamity happened.

New Zealand

A new economy is trying to rise. Its impact will be noted in years to come but it will come with a price. Traditions and old thinking will have to melt away.

Science will find authority here in the coming two years because of the person behind a find.


Citizens are concerned over an injustice done to them. Because they are up in arms, they have to be reckoned with.


A new airliner has big problems. Over the next five years they will be resolved.

Growing pains will be felt by the young. Although they think they are right, they should remember their history. New and old can grow together to make a better country and world.

Either polio will be looked at again here or there will be a new vaccine, similar to the effects the polio vaccine had upon the world, looked at here.

History, history, history is what I continue to hear for this part of our world.


Scientist will find that this mass is actually shifting and possibly moving by centimeters. What they thought was fading is actually movement.


A problem similar to the one where the dingo’s killed the baby will reappear in the headlines or it is a revisiting of that strange case.

A mass or serial murderer will be found on the southeastern edge of your beautiful island. This killer will have been killing for years.

You will be looking at an airline disaster close to the central part of your island. This may not be a large airline but it will get your attention.


War is not over for you yet. There are at least two-five more years. Your citizens will take care of the war after you grow tired of insurgents. Many of you are leaning in that direction now. The feeling is that you want what Kuwait has without their ideas. In ten years, you will see more of this for yourselves.

Bogotá, Colombia

New beginnings and an all-around good thoughts start coming from this country in late May. Times are a changing and these good souls want better for themselves and the world.


Castro is ill again and is showing it more. He is worried for the health of his country and for their stability. This man will ask for assistance, but it may be too late.