Da Juana’s 2007 Psychic Predictions

United States


This state will have something that looks green to me. People will be traveling there because of it. Maybe “Green” is a name or lights like the aurora borealis but there is something there that invites investigation.

New York

In upstate New York a new form of terror is found within 90 days to 6 months. People’s welfare is questioned.


A celebration or memory will make the news again.


An undesired opening will make the news.


From Denver to Oklahoma to Tennessee, people will talk about a flying object within 8 months or on the eight.


An earthquake runs the border almost to Utah. Don’t ask me how here because I know it is impossible. Maybe it goes along the border between California and Nevada and then over to Utah. This has a 4 concerned with it. That may be the date.


It’s almost as if twin volcano’s spout off.

Down South

An air accident happens with a number 6 and an “L” or “M” around it. Maybe rain has something to do with it.

Train passage or something that looks like a train will have problems in the southwest.

Another school in New Mexico, Colorado or Arizona is in the news.

People in the News

Jennifer Anniston

This year will see her popping up in the news more than her ex. Although she wants to be left alone about her private life, she feels that it is time to get on with life. And will she ever.

Barack Obama

There is an illness around this man, perhaps a family member, which will make him think about life and his popularity. He has to be very careful not to be all things to all people. His strength is his passion and integrity. Although he is thinking about a run for the White House, there is one thing standing in his way now, and it’s not Hillary.

John Wayne

John Wayne or someone like him, a man with that same screen presence, will be front and center this year.

Old issues about dead stars will be revisited this year.

A man with “M” or “J” initials will be in the news again this year. People will look at him with disapproval even though he thinks he can do no wrong because his work continues to astound.

Carly Simon

This courageous lady will fight a new fight this year. She will not be seen as a victim.

Politics will find a new scapegoat for failure this year and this won’t be a sex scandal or at least not one you have seen before.

A very well known star with an “M” name is filing for divorce after many years.

President Bush

This man will suffer more indignation when an item he thought was covered up becomes known. The person bringing it to the forefront is someone he considered friend.

The Economy

There is still slow growth throughout the United States, less than a turtle’s pace. A scare about the economy will be seen around the last part of April, first part of May. Closures will be seen.


An anomaly on our northeastern shores will appear. Something like a huge waterspout will get our attention. I see the water churning.

Heat in the Rockies will make people wonder.

Water in the Mississippi valley is not what they want, at least not this way.

On the Pacific coast close to Baja, a storm rages.

The World

A ship finds itself in a predicament in the Pacific and has to call for help.


A problem with a building close to the east coast but not on the coast in the provinces of Quebec or Ontario will make the Canadian government enforce new rules for building.

Fishery problems in Hudson Bay concern people.

An oil spill on the west side of Canada makes environmentalist cry out.


An old, supposedly eradicated disease will reappear around the upper middle part of Mexico. Fear will run rampant.

Mudslides will recur close to Guadalajara.

Medicines are found in a very common piece of vegetation that creates a powerful cure for a common disease in either Guatemala or Costa Rica.


Problems along the waterfront on the eastern side will create worry. Fire is there along with water.

On the southwest tip of the island and earthquake will shake.

Further out into the Sea of Japan a new opening in the earth’s crust will create concern.


You will export a new band that will be all the rage.

In the Northern Territory around Simpson Desert something will catch Australia’s eyes.

An earthquake will shake Queensland.


The war will rage on as I said last year. Until Iraq’s native population decides they are tired of others instigation more problems in their land, this terror will continue.