Da Juana’s 2008 Psychic Predictions

United States

Alabama will be in the news with a new water distribution center or something to do with creating better drinking water, not like Jesus turning water into wine, but something that is impressive in this day and age nonetheless. Hopefully there is nothing wrong with their water.

Hear something like bucks (might be bucks canyon—didn’t know there was such a place) or maybe the buckeye state with movement of land (sinkhole or movement—saw blackish gray land falling) involved around the 18th.

Water woes, either too much or too little, happens along the Gulf Coast around Mississippi, Alabama and Florida peninsula. The 25th seems to make these woes better.

Harlin, maybe Harlingen or Harlem, something that sounds like Harlin will cause the world to take notice on how people are acting before or thru the middle of July. Might be a conference or noting how these people work together. (Actually saw steam coming out of vents—could be letting off steam.)

Something falls to the earth in a fiery crash (around dawn or dusk—that look anyway) around the 15th, maybe March but not sure, northwest of Denver.

Before September, a new testing ground is found. By that I mean, one that the public didn’t know existed and when it comes out, it will create quite a stir on the type testing done.

Another school shooting makes the southwest (New Mexico or Arizona) take notice happening five months after a horrible anniversary.

Land in the southern part of Hawaii has larger than normal waves roll in (dates 15th-25th) caused by something happening further out in the Pacific.

Tragedy on rails (saw what looked like a railroad bridge or maybe a railroad bridge is in sight of what happens) occurs in Oklahoma before the middle of September.

Healthcare will not be solved this year, nor for the next two. This is a crisis that should be addressed now but won’t be until the citizens stand up for it.

The United States is lagging behind other countries in new technologies (genetics and stem cell) in the health field but will try to catch up in the next two years because of something that the economy will dictate. Make no bones about it. Money and the thought of more of it is what creates research in our United States.

Two, of what seem to be terrorist attacks happen on US soil this year, one in the southwest and one in upper “M.” Terror can come in many forms.

People in the news

A note to Dannielynn, Anna Nichole is sorry that she’s not here to be with you but she says that she wouldn’t have had her life be any differently done because it’s given her vast insights into why she was here in the first place. Besides, as she says of the king, she did it her way. Also, she knows that your father will step up to the task of helping you to become a person who likes herself more than Anna ever did. But little one, life is to be lived to the fullest. Always remember that but always be true to yourself too and don’t be influenced by others.

A new love is coming for Jennifer Aniston, one that she will be unsure of but one that will weather time if she gives him a chance. He has brownish hair and a firm face. Maybe an initial that starts with an “M.” He reminds me of Kevin Kline.

A big surprise for Tony Romo in February.

Illness strikes Angelena Jolie’s family before or around March. Tragic circumstances or loss tend to make us stronger though and she will persevere.

President of the United States

At this point, there are 4 who could be president. Mc Cain will come back strong but not strong enough to keep Obama out of the White House. A strong race is run between Obama and Hillary, with him slightly the winner but maybe not taking the election. John Edwards will be strongly in the mix. One thing though, I haven’t voted for the person put into the White House in many years. So, my prediction on this might be tempered by whom I want there. Democrats will rule the White House in 2009.

The Economy

I wish I could tell you that the economy is going to be better this year but I can’t. It’s more of the same for the next three years. The presidential election will strongly influence our economy.

Around the world

Italian or Greek ruins or in another part of Europe (looked like the ruins of the Parthenon but thought it was in Italy—maybe having to do with the Catholic church if in Italy or with origins at any rate), with new finds creating new facts about our ancestors, is in the news this year.

More killings in Sudan, possibly into Ethiopia, directed at a different group of people now.

At the northern edge of Afghanistan and Iran, Bin Laden meets with followers before April is over. Not only that but he was home to Saudi Arabia around two weeks ago in December 2007.

The war in Iraq will require more of a presence with US troops than Korea did. Our politicians are to blame. They like to point fingers at one another without solving the issue. Until the US quits being big brother to the world, we’ll continue to be looked at with disfavor. But not to linger on a horrible problem and rather to find a solution, the UN, in the next 20 years, will truly become more powerful in the world. It will not be a puppet then. The world is such a small place and though we’ll still be independent governments, we’ll look to each other more as neighbors and as neighbors we’ll work together in the next 40 years to solve neighboring issues.

By March or April, there is a decision made as to whether the US invades Iran.

Israel, with two other countries involved, is part of a nail-biting scenario that puts the world on edge before or around June.

Just a mention, to all the countries wanting or having the nuclear bomb. To put it simply, the earth is like a sandwich. With people taking bites out of the same sandwich at different spots, how long do you think before it falls apart? The same is true of nuclear weapons. Like the old song, “Give peace a chance.”

Brazil will have a major storm hit before November.