Da Juana’s 2009 Psychic Predictions

United States

The United States, when I look at it psychically, feels confused. People have hope but they’re not sure where to turn. They feel as if they’re on the precipice but know they’ll be able to bridge it rather than fall in. Hope, with cynicism, is prevalent.

When I looked at the Atlas, the southern part of California, around Los Angeles to San Diego and the Baja peninsula and maybe further east towards the border, made me sick at my stomach as if there would be much worry. Before March 10 or 17, people will be very upset there.

On December 15, 2008, while writing these predictions Sitting Bull hit my mind. So, I looked him up on Google. He died while being arrested (as a precaution) on December 15, 1890. (A little psychic shock here.) Now, what I saw was in Wyoming, Montana or where he lived before, (it’ll be cool but not cold weather) a tribute is made to him by Indian Nations, possibly without even calling his name, but they will do something that shows respect for his thoughts. This man only wanted peace, maybe not the peace we think of today, but peace nonetheless. He was a great psychic and knew he was about to die before police and soldiers came for him.

Close to the Eastern seaboard a train derailment takes lives. I heard a “P” associated with this. It could be the engineer, state or the city. Also, I heard something about a levee (or levy).

Either of or all three states of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana have fire in the mountains before fall. Something with a “K” or “C” in those states will be the origin. “K” and “C” sometimes sound alike to me.

A problem we’ve seen before around March at school in Birmingham. Before you ask, I don’t know which Birmingham.

A new or old (meaning he could have been killing for some time or is a copycat) serial killer will be found out in these states: Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Kentucky, Michigan or Kansas.

Honolulu celebrates happiness this year for some achievement other than having the nicest weather and one of the most beautiful cities on earth. On another note, weather in Hawaii will catch some off guard.

Alaska feels tremors coming with a number “three.” Either it’s March, three months from now or it comes in threes.

In the Illinois, Tennessee, Ohio area, a crash occurs.

Education will take much longer to correct. In the next five years, Americans will still be stating that they want education revamped.

People in the News

Jennifer Anniston will announce an engagement in the first eight months. (There’s something about love in February.) But the question is, will she go through with it? She cares for him and he truly loves her but she doesn’t trust. She thinks she’s gotten over her last marriage but she never will. All Jennifer can do is take one day at a time and enjoy her life even though it’s not easy when her ex is thrown in her face each day. If I were speaking with her today, I’d say, “Take the past and use it as the history it is to make a better day today.”

Wedding bells will ring for a celebrity with a “T” name and possibly not just because he wants to wed.

President Bush will have a small illness almost immediately after leaving office. He will recover.

The death of someone with a strong “I” in his name will have some talking.

President Obama will work hard and move this nation towards better times in the 2009-year but he isn’t a fix-all, be-all. Getting the country back on track will take more than a year. Celebration will happen towards fall for something he’s produced.

The world needs to think about how President Obama will act where war is concerned. If things remain the same, war could expand and he will do it. He’s not a person to be pushed. There are two countries that need to know this. Otherwise, we’ll have two new battle fronts. Our world is a world of neighbors and we ought to act as such.

The Chicago White Sox, in June, July, August or September, will be looked at strongly for changing ownership to Mark Cuban for a possible change of ownership in the last of January or the first to middle of February.


Our economy will have to weather more economic storms in the next few months. Will we be out of the recession by year-end? No, but we’ll be on our way. Americans are resilient. We’ll always find a way. This depression, oops, I mean recession, will be around for at least ten more years in some fashion or another with our seeing small factors that lead back to our economy now.

As we already know, lots of old institutions are biting the dust. Like dinosaurs they go away just like those animals that didn’t learn to adapt. But new business will come out of the wake of business destruction. My only trepidation is that these new mega businesses created by some of our politicians desires now will cause the United States citizenry more grounds for alarm in the next five to twenty years.

We are a true world economy. Without one another, all of us will suffer.

Only one US automaker will truly survive the coming years unless drastic change is made. One might be absorbed into the surviving automaker. Auto unions will have to take the back seat.

US housing will still take its hits throughout the year. Foreclosures will continue to rise. January or February 2010 will show relief.

Around the World

A country that has a strong “S” name will show worry. People seem to be standing in the streets looking around wondering how this could have happened. (Possible terrorism)


Manitoba (could include Ontario and Saskatchewan) will have an illness they’re not particularly fond of. This could be in animals (fish or sheep and human or suspected human cross over).

Fires in British Columbia will upset a celebration before September.

New music will issue from B C too.


A change in your governing body is taking place now. Different ideas are coming into focus. Help is coming from a source not previously thought to be a friend.

More water than wanted happens toward the western border around May.

A new medical treatment found here greets the world around June.

Saudi Arabia

This year people will notice that this country is having internal growing pains. What was, is no more. People within the country want change because they notice the difference.

More safety will be called for here.


An illness on the western end of Cuba is a cause for concern.

New government is brewing. (That’s what I heard, brewing.)


Old religious artifacts will come to light with new meaning.


Congo will have more than war to worry about within the next seven months. Illness or disaster will create more need.

Right now a person, not yet known well, is preparing her way to bring peace back to the Congo people. She has a long way to go before she can fully help.


On the southeastern section of Japan, the earth moves before May. Another June quake exists too.


The Queen will be in the news for something of a personal nature in the first six months of the year. Stomach issues and illness are part of her problems. Charles will worry.