Da Juana’s 2010 Psychic Predictions


Thank you for taking the time to read what the other side discloses to me about future events for this year. Before we get to the fun stuff, I’d like to take a moment to explain how the process works with me…

When I sit down to do predictions for the world, I generally lay a hand on each country that I’m focusing on, although at times, when you’d least expect it and at generally the most inopportune moment, prognostications will cross my mind. It’s much easier for me if I have a person involved in a reading. They’re easily read, even over the phone or through another person for whom I’m reading.

Because there’s so much going on in the world, when I do my future sight for the world, I get a river of impressions and have to pick out a couple for each nation. Could you imagine trying to fish a log out of a swollen, flash flood? That’s how this works.

I’ll give you an example. A few years ago (or last – I’m not sure; time means nothing to me unless I look into a mirror), I got an impression that had to do with Batman but I didn’t say it. I said that I heard a word like Harlen. It crossed my mind that I should pick out the letters “H” and “L” but I argued with myself and made the prediction with Harlen and steam rising from vents in the city, just as you’ve seen in the Batman movies. I’m only as good as I see and express.

Had I gone on to say what I’ve mentioned above, then my prediction would have been right on with Heath Ledger’s death. But I censored it. Death isn’t something you want to predict for another.

Like last year, I heard a death for a man with a strong “I.” I’d say Michael has a very strong “I” but I wouldn’t have wanted to say his name and have one of his loved ones reading my predictions. That would put them into the same position I live with when I know a loved one is leaving me and it’s not one that makes me feel good. So you see I have to censor some things.

You may read my prior years predictions if you’d like at www.dajuana.com. Some of those include: Michael Jackson’s Death-2009, The Blue Angel plane crash in 2007, Princess Diana’s death in 1997, Mel Gibson’s almost work-related fatal rant in 2006, and many more all the way back to the earthquake that halted the 1989 world series.

At any rate, I don’t try to keep up with all my predictions, nor do I remember them because just as you do when you’re typing a letter, you type but you don’t really read the letter in a comprehensive manner. Some might return to mind but I tend not to dwell upon them.

There are many more predictions that I make than I have here because I make them at different times of the year and by all types media – even on my blog. And like the first Gulf War, I revealed in 1990 to a large group of people who’d come to see my predictions exactly where it would be and who would be involved. Then, later a comedian friend was told by me that she’d be in the east; I told her when and that it was a desert. Well, if you’re from Texas, the east isn’t desert. My prediction for her came true when she was sent to Bahrain to entertain the troops. But it was just one piece of the psychic puzzle I saw for the year. Not only did the war concern people I don’t know, but it was also linked to a friend.

This type prognostication happens all the time with me and sometimes I wonder about myself when I hear words coming out of my mouth and question how it happened. It’s just part of my psychic ability and I appreciate it, but it can get me into some sticky situations. Most often when I predict for the world, more bad things appear because they’re easily seen. It’s not my intention to focus completely on the bad, but they come in more readily so I have to really focus to find great events happening. Bad events carry more energy because of the implications.

Please don’t think that I’m complaining. I liken my psychic ability to my breath. Without it, I’d be lost.

Now, here are the messages that I’ve received for 2010. Please enjoy and help me to confirm when they come true, because you know I won’t.



  • There will be a recurrence of something like the John Lennon murder with a man and woman on a sidewalk when the killer walks up to strike. It may be thwarted but there will be some type injury. There seems to be something with the word Central having to do with this. A light complexioned couple, at least he is, are walking arm in arm with people all around them. A man, about five-nine or ten with light brown hair and a medium build in his late twenties or thirties, bumps into the woman almost as if he stumbles into her. That’s the thing I see.
  • This may be in a national park. The earth is eroding so that people are aware that it’s going to cause seismic problems. The amount of time that it has taken to dip is done more quickly than ever before.
  • Tennessee waste will make the news around a month with an “M” in it.
  • Kansas City will see a failed attempt, perhaps with air involved, occur before the month of October.
  • Another military base in the South or Southwest is involved with terrorist activity.
  • Those in the Central Time Zone will hold their breaths for something good as well as something brought on by fear, too.
  • West of or in Salt Lake City, Utah, the ground will shake enough to cause fear.
  • The lower portion of California, around Riverside, will have a problem with water, perhaps too much before or during summer.
  • This year will be an important year to remember once another terrorist attempt is made on New York with a building beginning with a “C” or “S.”

People in the News

  • I know you won’t believe this but yet, here I go. Another politician will be seen airing his dirty underwear, really. And yet again, it’s someone most will say they wouldn’t have thought would do so. He’s got brown hair and an angular, very strong chin.
  • A murder attempt is made upon a person with a “P” or an “R” name.



  • The U S economy isn’t out of the woods yet but we should see more of an upward swing in October-November 2010 with renewed concerns February 2011.


  • Weather around the world and within the U S will be considered topsy-turvy this year.
  • A huge storm is coming from Mexico’s leeward side and will surprise most by its timing.



  • On one side, blue or purple and on the other gold or yellow for the Super Bowl.
  • A new owner for an established basketball team. This will start this year with it closing quickly.
  • Blue seems to be the color for basketball, too.


Movie Stars

  • Someone with a “K” or “C” name has a lot to smile about before noon on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011.
  • A woman with a “M” or “S” name will have much more to celebrate in the coming months. Not only accolades but work, too. She’ll be all the rage again. In the fourth month, she’ll suffer a setback due to a loved one.
  • Avatar, the movie, will usher in a whole new type entertainment fun. It’s not just for movies anymore. Virtual reality will take on a new form that can be handled in the home with the player becoming part of the game at the end of the year or the first of 2011.
  • For the academy awards a woman will stand pretty for her versatility.


  • Around May or June, the nation will see the president in a better manner for his strength. This will influence next year’s elections but not by much.
  • A light-colored automobile will be in the spotlight for crossing the street in an unorthodox manner and in a place the president is visiting or staying.


  • Two or three ships collide in what’s perceived to be southern waters. Don’t ask me how because I thought they have such radar and other devices that this can’t happen. This could even be in a port because I see more ships but there’s definitely something wrong when you see a collision like this. It seems one may be floating out of the port.
  • On one side of the world, toward the United States, land is falling and on the other side, may be up north in Russia below Siberia, the land is rising.
  • The world economy is coming back but is doing so very slowly with some countries in South America taking the lead for coming back more quickly. Venezuela will be one of the lucky ones with tourism rising, and I didn’t know that it was a tourist destination, even when other parts of their economy is going down.


  • Wildfires will concern the country once again. Have they lately?
  • Around the city of Perth, new entertainment will emerge. Within six months to a year, the rest of the world will be in love with the new entertainment coming from there.


  • Nimbuck—I know, I know, but that’s what I heard. A man will put a face to this. He’s got light brown hair and is under six feet tall, slender build but might have a little wider shoulders and maybe a tiny bit of stomach.
  • People will be in an uproar over a Saskatchewan logging problem.
  • New findings of an old civilization is made in Yukon Territory.


  • Disastrous problems around Shijiazhuang or Shenyang with others having to help those involved.
  • Economy here will struggle for the next two years but people will find new in old ways of doing things that will increase their resources.
  • China will become more interested in the world’s ecology and how to conserve on resources. New scientific models are being developed here and will be shown to the world in about two to three years. They do not all involve ecology or conservation.


  • Something great having to do with health and cures come from here in the spring, either the U S’s or France’s. I think it’s around April but not sure.


  • In or around October, the night sky here will bring definite interest from those believing in other-worldly visitors.


  • A man-made along with an old illness will be in the news with the number of deaths it’s caused here.
  • New construction which means new jobs and a better economy for the city of something that sounds like Seeyoudad. That’s the way I’m hearing it, guys. Please let me know the name … didn’t find it on the map.
  • Water woes occur on the southeastern tip of India.


  • There is something good coming from this country after what many may perceive to be a disaster. Times are changing along with government. More people will come out of poverty because of a national branding of some sort, like energy efficiency or something that creates that along with conservancy.


  • An attempt is made on the Pope’s life or there is a crowd that has what looks like murder involved around a statue with water, maybe a fountain. It feels like the weather is cool. This could be in Rome or another part of the world. Either way, I see a crowd and the crowd or parts of it could be in danger but they’re not the real target.
  • A new, needed and desired product will come from the southern boot of Italy.


  • Nagasaki and its handling of a disaster bring this city into the news.
  • Fire in a Matsue refinery hits the news by August 5th.


  • When I looked at this sea, which I generally think is a great place, I get sick to my stomach, which tells me that there is something unhealthy going on here. Feeling that feeling is akin to one of the worst health disasters possible for human beings. I’m not sure if this is off the coast of Africa but I think it is around Algeria or Libya. Hopefully, I’m wrong.



  • The death of a well-loved person will cause great agitation in this country before or around September 30th.



  • People here will ask for help in alleviating something that has happened to them in or around July.