Da Juana’s 2011 Psychic Predictions

Thanks for taking the time to read what the other side discloses to me about future events for the year 2011. Just so you know my year might take in a month or so before or after the calendar year.

Let me mention that it’s much easier for me to read a person over the phone than to do predictions for the world. Focus and concentration are used but I may not always hear the information correctly because I’m casting a broad information net. So the yield isn’t always up to the par I expect when giving a reading to someone in particular.

You may read my prior years predictions if you’d like here at www.dajuana.com. Some of those include: Michael Jackson’s Death-2009, The Blue Angel plane crash in 2007, Princess Diana’s death in 1997, Mel Gibson’s almost work-related fatal rant in 2006, and many more all the way back to the earthquake that halted the 1989 world series.

At any rate, I don’t try to keep up with all my predictions, nor do I remember them because just as you do when you’re typing a letter, you type but you don’t really read the letter in a comprehensive manner. Some might return to mind but I tend not to dwell upon them.

There are many more predictions that I make than I have here because I make them at different times of the year and by all types media – even on my blog. And like the first Gulf War, I revealed in 1990 to a large group of people who’d come to see my predictions exactly where it would be and who would be involved. Then, later a comedian friend was told by me that she’d be in the east; I told her when and that it was a desert. Well, if you’re from Texas, the east isn’t desert. My prediction for her came true when she was sent to Bahrain to entertain the troops. But it was just one piece of the psychic puzzle I saw for the year. Not only did the war concern people I don’t know, but it was also linked to a friend.

This type prognostication happens all the time with me and sometimes I wonder about myself when I hear words coming out of my mouth and question how it happened. It’s just part of my psychic ability and I appreciate it, but it can get me into some sticky situations.

Most often when I predict for the world, more bad things appear because they’re easily seen. It’s not my intention to focus completely on the bad, but they come in more readily so I have to really focus to find great events happening. Bad events carry more energy because of the implications.

Please don’t think that I’m complaining. I liken my psychic ability to my breath. Without it, I’d be lost.

For more of my predictions done during the year, you can read my blog at www.dajuana.com.

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United States of America

A new drug (could be street drugs) will bring some to their knees and I don’t know that this is a good thing. Of course, we’ve seen this several times over but there are some good drugs (prescription) that help people.

A return of something that looks like the Waco compound all over again….This started forming about three years ago and may not be found in the same place as it was before but had its roots stemming from that message.

A huge celebration is in affect but becomes an even larger one after finding out that there was a blown opportunity.

Around January 4th, there is reason to celebrate.

In this age of fascinating technology a science source is celebrating the fact that they’re one step closer to finding God and not in the religious sense either.

Over an “M” state, possibly close to a huge river, an airplane has troubles while flying southward. (This “M” could also involve the military or the river.)

Faster than light, a new quantum source is found making air travel oh so different although you may only hear rumblings of this next year. (This reminds me of the Manhattan Project or the Philadelphia Experiment.)

Right below Canada, on the eastern sides of a great lake, there is a true upset almost like a turning upside-down. Perhaps this is land moving.

Oregon is in the news yet again for a failed attempt.

Illness in the southwest is brought from a neighboring country.

Grading of something unexpected, maybe food, will take another turn at the first and last part of the year due to hostile buyers.


People in the News

Michelle will be making news for a very happy event which may be misconstrued at the time. (Don’t ask me who Michelle is. I don’t know.)

Mourning will happen for two people with an “A” name and for someone with “TR” in their name. Both could be stage names.

A person with an “M” or “G” name will find that they have a horrible illness.

A divorce will emerge with two people (I know, I know this happens all the time and isn’t really news.), one of whom is very well known. The circumstances will cause quite a stir.

A sports star will startle people with a confession. (No, it’s not Tiger.)


At a major event there is fear of terror after finding information.

Teams with red and blue will play for the bowl.

A leg mishap will still a very well-known basketball player with a “C” name.


A major storm will touch the east coast with two menacing the Gulf.

Both extremes, dry and wet, will hit mid country above and below the Mason-Dixon Line.


We’re feeling better but not great about our economy but we’ll see a new worry around February.

The making of cash will be hard hit.

Around the World

An island with weather that’s cold will yield an excellent payload of ore or minerals.

Paleontologists will delight in a rare find under a newer city.


I hear that there is going to be a major eruption. In hearing this I thought that the military may be involved.


This prediction made me sick at my stomach when the country’s name popped into my mind. Maybe there is a big anniversary coming of some catastrophic event or there is the same type event occurring again.


This country is in the process of creating a new template for their country’s welfare as to how the country should be run.


A major event will upset with a catastrophic event which happens towards the western side of the continent.

New Zealand

Floods will upset the country twice again.