Da Juana’s 2013 Psychic Predictions

United States of America

In July our president will be frightened by what could have happened.

Southern United States

Alien lights will again make themselves known across the southern skies. Many will witness.


A mass problem with people dying from around Waco to the North Central Portion of Texas will conquer attention once more. This could be an explosion.

More and more earthquakes will make us take notice.


Missouri and Texas will look like twins with something in the news.

California to Nevada

From San Francisco to Carson City the earth will shake.

South Carolina

A famous person will have a scare here and he’ll live to tell about it.

West Virginia

Proof of Big Foot. I know this answers a burning question for some. Really just kidding but they’ll say they have proof, bones, fur or something concrete.


Oklahoma City will be in the news for a natural disaster yet again.

People in the News

A well-known celebrity male with an “A” name will be in the news due to health. He reminds me of George Clooney perhaps because of his looks.

Two new famous babies are due in October and will be scrutinized over their origin or kinship. Perhaps the father’s name starts with an “H” or looks like a man who was in the news for his wandering eye whose name starts with that letter.

“G” or “J,” because they sound alike, will find a celebrity crying in the news because of a supposed mistake, one we’ve heard of so many times before with certain politicians.

A woman with an “L” name will be very upset in front of cameras for the world to see.


Because I see so much of the past in weather patterns it’s not even worth my telling what I see. There’s to be more of the same. Where you’ve had water, you’ll have more and where you’ve had none, the same. But there will be one place that gets inundated by water that hasn’t been before. I think it’s in the Midwest.


The economy will continue to grow at a snail’s pace.

Let’s throw some politics in here too. Many are beginning to become angrier with the politicians they thought they could trust and they’re going to aim their ire towards those who don’t listen in such a manner as to get real attention.

Around the World


In the area around or in the middle of this area, Peruga and Ancona to Rimini, a violent disaster will occur.


China will help another country in a manner that hasn’t been noticed or done before.


On the Pacific Ocean side close to the Philippine Sea water will have a devastating effect on the land.


Sweden will be involved in diplomacy for itself this year.


A real look at famine is in the southwestern part of this country.

A new economy is on the upswing in the midst of upsetting rumors.


Disease will be seen from a distant past time in the present but won’t be known before it wreaks its havoc.


Strength and goodness will be seen to come from this country. It’ll be held up as a model.


A new mineral is found here.


Baffin Island will see some problems with whale populations and how the environment is affecting them.

Saskatoon fires will devastate some.

As always, let’s pray for everyone in our world and do so without prejudice. Please let the prayer be that we all start to love ourselves and our planet more and do the things needed to get along and make our world a better place. Prayer works and where a few of us are gathered in one mind, big things can occur.

Da Juana