Da Juana’s 2014 Psychic Predictions


Making predictions for the world isn’t as easy as reading for a human being even if I do the reading by phone and never see the person. People tend to continue on their merry way into the future even when I tell them to change what will happen.

Reading for the world commands a group consciousness which generally doesn’t change once the ball starts to roll because you have factions who want certain things to happen even when it isn’t good for the whole of humanity.

For instance a radical group believes in themselves so much and that they’re on the right side that their consciousness feeds those who are a part of that sect. Others who may be of the same belief don’t but they’re not made up of people who don’t care about them or anyone else. Hatred is one of the worst emotions in the world to deal with as a society and once it’s loosed it’s hard to coral again.

That’s why it’s easier to see the worst things in the world as predictions rather than the best. And guess what? We have wonderful things in this world too.

As always, please say a prayer for our planet and for all those involved in living this lifetime and those to come.

And thanks for reading my predictions.

Da Juana

United States

Dallas is in the news for something similar to the Boston marathon.

Another school bombing or explosion will happen with many dead with a name that has an “H.”

An attempt made on the lives of more than one politician in the U S at the same time and place.

Salt Lake City, Utah will make the news again for something religious or criminal that has been seen here before. It’s not to say that these good people are involved. It’s only because they’ve had extremist before.

Los Angeles will shake with about a seven on the Richter scale. I think this is in a “J” month as well or right before one. It looks to be sunny and breezy but that’s a given for LA.

Washington D C will mourn someone they cared for.

West of Austin Texas an explosion happens.

People in the news

Dan Rather will be spoken of in the news with gratitude.

Tom Cruise makes an announcement.

Nicole Kidman speaks out about a forbidden subject.


Christmas colors will dominate the Super Bowl.


Stock Market will take a severe drop because of a rumor before January or February of 2015.

Around the world


In a “J” month, the southern tip of Japan or around the south will have movement on or under the water.

Dominican Republic

On the island either in the Dominican or Haiti a natural disaster occurs before March 16th.


Cuba?s southernmost island tip will be upset by a natural disaster before September 15th.


Lima Peru will speak of sightings in the night sky which will recur in the daytime.


A volcano will be rediscovered close to the bottom of this country.


An illness outbreak will be in the news around Acapulco.


Around Prince George there is a raising (right word I heard) of land. It could be because of a new mineral that will remind you of the gold rush.

South Africa

A female South African will take up Mandela?s legacy.


Turkey will be drawn into a political fight they didn?t desire.


More war activities here and in the Sudan.


Fires happen on the northwestern portion of Australia. On the southeastern portion of the Australian map troubles in the water around Newcastle and Sidney.