Da Juana’s 2015 Psychic Predictions

This were put on my blog this year but will be here from now on.

I waited until the last moment to write them because for the last few years I’ve been anxious about the world and didn’t really want to give bad news but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

As a psychic and a medium I’d rather have some good things to say and didn’t so I’ve sort of covered up in a blanket and lay down. Things that have happened personally and to the world have been depressing.

Though generally I’m very upbeat and outgoing I’ve had to suck in my breath a few times. There have been many deaths around me which happens more often the older you get and also friends with physical problems and other issues that have contributed to my mood not to mention problems with the earth. But you don’t want to hear all of my problems. So let’s deal with the worlds. But first whisper a prayer for all you love and for our world, our home.

Thanks for reading my predictions.

United States

The death of a male star with dark hair under suspect circumstances will happen before or around May. This could be a collision. It reminds me of the man in the movie, Speed, I think, and of Princess Dianna. (And if you’ve been reading me long enough or know me, you know I don’t believe anything to be circumstantial.) Also another male star death who has been in the news will happen in September and will cause people to mourn even though it’s not suspect and perhaps he’s not in the best favor at the time.

There is going to be another scandal hit Congress before or around summer. (How’s that because they’re usually not there during the summer or at short staff. That’s a no brainer too because they’re always saying they’re sorry for something.) Our Congress has become a scandal.

Perhaps Nebraska because I hear a strong “N”, terror will raise its ugly head. Perhaps it’s the town or the name of the terrorist.

Two places will see terror in the United States this year but I think we’ve already seen our share in 2014. Hopefully prayers will counter the coming terrorism.

A railroad track or train will be seen to cause an incident after it’s been called out as having problems. The first call won’t be a problem. The second will. This could be the mid-west or right above Arizona/ New Mexico.


Around the top quarter of the Island around Miyako or right above more than the usual water will inundate the land.

South America

Buenos Aires will have good reason to celebrate the summer or fall. (Thank goodness for some good news.)

Chile will have a mineral rush in the coming months similar to the gold rush here in the United States.


A well-loved man will die.


A new way of governing this land is building now and will become a model for others.


An explosion in the center of Chad will have the world’s attention.


St. Phillips and Saskatchewan came into my mind. Since I’m not good at geography I had to look it up and found that in fact it is there. (Now let me ask again about the prediction. Sorry talking to myself.) For some reason I saw Prince Phillip. After looking it up I saw that he’s married to the English queen. Perhaps this is for him. He’ll be in the news this year, hopefully it’s that he comes to visit you but I’m not sure of this. I told you that I want to see good things but I’m afraid that the name is going to change for some reason. Could be that it’s past tense as in the man is gone or that the actual name is changing.


An earthquake will hit here and within days of each other also in Mexico City (Cuernavaca) or the other way round.


November will bring higher alerts from two factions and will have people talking excitedly.

To close please allow me to make a far future prediction about mankind.

The rich will become richer while the poor will become poorer. This will be done while we’re being led like sheep to the slaughter. By that I mean the poor will have conveniences and think that they are as happy as they can be with conditions. Unrest will be muted until one day a few will wake up and realize that our planet, our home, has been polluted beyond recognition by GMO crops and by other means and that we’ve been placated. But even then people will act as if they couldn’t have done anything about it and will act resolved to the whole affair but unrest is growing. Although they won’t believe that others think like them you’ll see the beginnings of unrest. And the world will go on but make no mistake about it when this earth thinks it’s had enough, like a dog shaking off fleas, it will act and you’re seeing some of that now in weather patterns and natural disasters.

For those of you who would like to make more money in the future medicine as in big pharmaceuticals is a place to look. Also look to auto’s that use different forms of transportation rather than what we’re used to.

Happy New Year

Da Juana