Da Juana’s 2016 Psychic Predictions

Psychic Predictions are made by me, Da Juana Byrd, each year before the coming year which is 2016 Psychic Predictions this time.

Before I go into those though I want to go years ahead into the future because I’m going to try to stop some of the events I see coming. For the past few years I’ve dreaded doing predictions simply because they were too dire. This year as well psychic predictions are not what I want to do. Therefore I’ve put it off to the very last minute.

People might say they want to change events but we repeat history all the time because we’re too lazy (myself included) and fearful of becoming the center of attention for those full of hatred in the world today. When you have the masses contributing to this hatred out of anger, the future manifestation is stronger than some child’s poltergeist activity throwing things off a shelf.

Your soul, which you can feel by the way, when linked up with others in the same mentality can create a manifestation of which this world may not be able to come back from. Quick lesson. Get somewhere quiet for a moment. Place your palms facing each other about two inches apart. Concentrate on feeling the energy between your hands. As you feel it move your hands away from each other slowly. This is your energy.

Imagine like-thinking people together with this energy surrounding them and connecting to the next like-minded individual. Can you see how there’d be no room for anything else once they allow that anger and hatred out if that’s what they have in mind?

At any rate, this earth has almost eight billion people on it. Most are angry over religion, politics, being hungry or generally wondering if there is anything better. See how that energy resonates with so many.

Over the past twenty years I’ve felt this coming and feeling this raw emotion isn’t easy for this psychic, medium, and empath.

With that in mind, let’s look to our far future.

Terrorist activity will not stop until as I’ve mentioned before, all mothers say that’s enough. It’ll happen when we’re tired of seeing our children die and for what?

There will come a day when there’ll be more worry about food than killing others although there’ll be the killing of others for food. Famine will hit the world hard and because of our inattention to our great earth, we’ll reap what we’ve sown even in the United States of America. Huge corporations will find what’s it’s like to have their part in the ruin of the small farm. But we’ll all feel what we’ve allow to happen.

Illness will come from that and from the mutation combination of a virus which will kill many. Like a dog shaking water from its back the earth will take care of itself in the only way it knows how and that’s to relieve some of its overburdening caused by the human race. Death will take many.

Jobs, starting in 2016 forward, will be found in the forensic computer software career section of a finally emasculated economy.

Computers will still rule the world. Let me say I love computers and what they do for us but I’m going down that primrose path too. Through artificial intelligence we will lose more of our rights. If you don’t think software is intelligent now, look at ads when you search the Internet. They already know your habits and what you’re looking for, thus producing ads for that item so that you’ll buy more readily.

AI also will come to a point one day that those machines have learned all they can from us humans who continue on our merry way to pollute the earth until we max out everything, even our air. Then they may decide we’re not worth the hassle any longer. Guess what? They’ll be smarter and more energy efficient than us. And they won’t need to raise cattle to feed the masses. What do you think that’ll do to mankind?

Weather patterns are changing. I know. I’ve heard it before. Weather patterns always change. It’s history. But let me tell you that the earth hasn’t be bombarded by this many people before even though it’s survived more than one civilization. Body heat alone can change the patterns but our allowing greenhouse gases are more than enough to heat up our world. Logic, not just the psychic, dictates that something’s got to give. Oh, I hope I’m wrong! More weather misery is coming.

Just a few things to think about for this year. We still have time. We can start changing it now by forgiving ourselves for the anger we possess like a totem, turning it loose, laughing more even in the bad times, creating better karma as individuals and monitoring our earth more.

2016 Psychic Predictions

From the north of Japan and the south of India, a huge wave comes in a cool or cold month.

Australia on its southwest side above the ocean is hurt by a natural disaster that reminds me of mud slides. It’ll be cool but the sun is shining.

Between Mexico and Guatemala an earthquake or water cascades in a catastrophe.

An uprising in Angola on the continent of Africa will shake the government.

Ice in the ocean around Uruguay or Argentina will cause an uproar.

Indonesia will worry about land disappearing.

France and a country slightly to the left of them if you’re looking at the map will see terrorist activity.

United States

Politics and the way politicians act are only a reflection of our energy. Remember that as you’re picking your next president. Unless something severe happens Donald Trump will be your new president. He’s the only one besides you who’ll stop that. Energy begets energy. He might surprise you once he’s in the White House. And this mess about him not being a politician doesn’t sit well with me. Though I’m not sure I’ll vote for him, I’d rather not have politicians anymore. We’ve tried that and look where we are now. Everyone hates everyone else and that’s what politics demands so that we don’t realize they’re taking our rights and feeding us to the wolves daily. Okay enough about politics.

Well one more thing. Uproar will be heard over the circumstances of death of a politician.

A new disease in agriculture similar to anthrax (maybe because it looks like white powder to me) years ago will cause much concern in the north Middle West states above Colorado. Might be Wyoming or the Dakotas.

A killing spree in South Texas, North Louisiana, Western Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma has us guessing who the killer is. He might not be caught until 2017. Wonder if he’s traveled this same path before?

Arizona or New Mexico, perhaps right at the border, terrorism is assumed.

Middle Texas at a government facility will see another terrorist attack from within.

Texas Oil refineries will burn.

Floods on the Mississippi coast between March and June.

A grand ole house will be demolished. (Either Tennessee, Louisiana, or Mississippi) It will create sadness.

Michigan will see both flooding and fire before summer is well underway.

The mountains of West Virginia will note some kind of disturbance which may be man-made.

In Northwest Oklahoma another bridge needs repair after an accident.

Florida fruit will freeze on the trees causing more expense in the marketplace. People everywhere should start thinking about growing their own small patch gardens because of the price of food over the coming years.

An Airliner will go down over Ohio, Pennsylvania or in that general area close to dusk or the sky is darkened slightly. Maybe West Virginia.

A well-loved star will shine again on the other side. Maybe his or her name starts with an “M” or a “B.”

A business fire in Connecticut, Rhode Island or New Jersey. It’s huge and will be watched because of who’s around it.


Oh, and, Happy New Year,

Da Juana