Dallas Cowboy’s Jerry Brown Jr.’s death

Today I noticed, from my psychic point of view, while watching the news on the Dallas Cowboy’s Jerry Brown, Jr.’s entering the restaurant where he and Joshua Brent were going to have his last dinner how Jerry felt right before dying.

When he entered the establishment you can see him look around as if he’s aware someone or something is going to hurt him but he doesn’t know from where it will come. The one thing he knows for certain is that he can count on his friend Joshua.

Jerry Brown Jr. has a beautiful smile and wonderfully reflective eyes and I believe he must have been a pleasure to all those around him. He also, like everyone else, had psychic ability and I believe that on a subconscious level was aware that this was his last night. The pity of all this is that two friends who clearly loved one another are in this life’s lesson together.

Don’t you know that Joshua Brent was and is still beside himself realizing that he was the driver of the car that killed his friend?

Imagine how you’d feel under the same circumstances. You’d probably give up and expect the worst because you’d already participated in something so horrendous as losing a person you love and feeling responsible. It’s horrific to know that two young lives have been struck down in their prime by a grotesque accident. Both suffered and one is still suffering but when you’re young you think you’re immortal.

Justice can’t be done here and Jerry Brown’s mother knows it because even she has forgiven Jerry’s friend. See she’s involved too in this spiritual lesson. Life isn’t always easy.

I’m thinking of you all.

Da Juana

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