Daughter lives so far away.

It’s heck when your daughter lives so far from you, especially when you have two beautiful grandchildren.  Oh, I’ve got more grands than that but these are the two youngest now.More... 

Last week we took a quick run to go see our babies, all of them, mother and sons.  The trip was made at warp speed but I got to hold the youngest in the family for a couple of days at least.  He’s beautiful.

On the car trip down there, being the psychic I am, I knew that a tragedy was going to happen but I was unaware of just how many.  Both times my puppies had me do something special like stop to let them out or clean up vomit, which caused all of us to be out of harm’s way.  Had we continued the journey, we would have been at the wrong place at the wrong time twice. 

There was a blinding rain which caused two semi’s and about four other vehicles to collide.  Luckily, we had stopped to let the girls go to the restroom and to get a quick hamburger.  Calculating the time had we gone on would have put us in the middle of it. 

Later that morning a semi tried to pull over on top of us twice but my ghostly buddies informed me and I managed to keep it from happening with their help of course.  Most semi drivers are very good at driving.  It’s the people in cars, SUVs, and trucks that bother me most but on this morning it was the semis.  We saw a car pulling a trailer home pull over into the path of two semi’s so that one of them almost took the shoulder and then the dirt beyond that.  Again I was pre-warned by my angels. 

On the way back we saw a ghastly wreck, which involved a semi and an SUV.  In that deadly wrestling match, the semi won even though it jack-knifed in the median.  The SUV and it’s dead inhabitants didn’t fare that well.  Right before then was when Madeline stopped us to clean up what all mothers know children can do.  My stopping for that saved us one more time. 

So, this is thanks to all my guardian angels, dead and alive.

Da Juana