Dead grandmother’s ghost was at their wedding

Most would like to know that their dead grandmother’s ghost was at their wedding but not all get that chance. If you did get that chance, would it make you happy?

Well for one person I know the ghost of a chance happened when she and other family members were sitting around and, believe it or not, wondering aloud if grandmother went to the wedding. Of course, this outspoken grandmother in life found a way in which to let them all know she was there. And not all were sure they were happy about it.

While discussing grandmother and their wedding the prior week, the bride and the groom thought about the fact that they had left the sprinkler running at their home. Just to make the story better, they had that night attended the wedding of the bride’s brother who just so happened to be grandmother’s favorite child out of all her grandchildren and didn’t mind anyone knowing that fact. Family discussed that fact too right before this incident.

When both the bride and groom jumped up to run back to their house to turn off the sprinkler, the bride felt someone touch her wedding ring and finger. Oh, I know, she had just been talking about her grandmother being at the wedding. So you think this was just a coincidence?

But it wasn’t because at the same time the bride and her husband jumped up from the table the bride’s stepmother saw a translucent person standing right behind her who turned to smoke and started drifting away immediately.

You guessed it! I got a call from a very bothered stepmother telling me what they’d seen.

Wasn’t it nice that grandmother got to let them all know she was at the wedding? Wouldn’t you take it that way now? Besides, grandmother got to tell her granddaughter that she loved her too by touching her wedding band and finger.

Da Juana

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