“The death of someone with a strong “I” in his name will have some talking,” is the prediction I made in December 2008 for the 2009 year.  And I think it came true on the same day that Farrah Fawcett died, June 25, 2009.More...

It’s strange.  Oh, you can’t believe anything I’d say is strange because you think I am, as I’ve heard some say, “strange.”  Well, I thought the strange was because of the way I was being pounded with the news I needed to share. 

Connie and I were having breakfast with Sandra on the Monday before both the two stars’ deaths.  All during the breakfast, one thought had been plaguing me and that was that someone, or some people, that everyone knew were about to die.  You know death happens each day but I heard I should mention this one.  So I did.

Connie pitched in that she’d been feeling it too.  She mentioned that she thought it might be a woman.  I injected that I wasn’t sure but I had thought it could be a man or both.  Sandra brought up Farrah and her impending death.  We both suggested that was possible but not the only one.  Connie said that she thought it was an old star like Elizabeth Taylor.  I returned that I didn’t think it was she but I could be wrong.  We didn’t realize at the time that she was involved because she is one of Michael’s best friends.  I continued with the thought that the world would be upset.  And it has.


Later I went back to discover my prediction about the strong “I.”  I guess the M “I” part of his name is pretty strong and people are talking.  He was a great performer and a very troubled soul before his death.  All he can do now is look at the repercussions his life had on the people who loved him.  But, the good thing is, he’s not sad any more.  He’s watching and trying to help his loved ones.

Da Juana