Death or rather life

You know I work with death or rather life on a daily basis.  It’s a common occurrence for me to communicate with the other side.  Also, I’ve mentioned that doing this is like breathing for me.  I wouldn’t know what to do without this ability.More...

Seeing into the future is another quality gift, even if sometimes events happen that you really don’t want to see.  What a conundrum?  But again, it’s like breathing and I wouldn’t know how to live without it.  Furthermore, I would be lost without this ability.

Oh, I’m not saying I’m always right.  I’m human.  But I’m right enough that it’s frightening to some, not to me.  With all my abilities, for which I’m thankful, there are times that I just can’t salve the soul. 

When someone has lost a loved one unexpectedly, you can say you’re sorry but you can’t take away the hurt.  You’re never prepared for any death much less an unexpected death.  The desolation, shock and intense feelings of loss are all you can feel.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a psychic/medium and can talk with the dead.  It only matters that the one you love is no longer in the physical.  It doesn’t matter that you knew a week or two or longer beforehand.  It only matters that you won’t hear your loved one calling on the phone just to tell you a joke or a good argument ensues over the little things in life.  For a moment you’re human and can’t think of being able to get a bear hug from your loved one or ever seeing him smile again.  All you can think about is your loss.

And when you see it beforehand, you get to go through all the emotions and wait until the time comes but you know it’s coming soon and you can’t stop it.  Isn’t being psychic fun?  And the answer is, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My daughter would say I’m being morbid and probably I am but you’re getting some insight into my world, one you could have yourself.

Da Juana