Death isn’t an easy subject for most but it’s more than a fact of life with me.  I know what it is because I work with it everyday, or should I say I work with life each day as a medium, and also because I died in 1980 and returned to let you know what I saw, felt and did. More... 

On another note, most psychic/mediums say they can’t read for themselves.  That doesn’t seem to be a problem for me even when I don’t want to.  It can be great at times like when you tell your husband that there’s a cop over the hill because you just saw the lights and there are no hills or police officers anywhere close.  But in the next ten minutes, there he is.  Psychic ability can be a great radar detector but it can also be something less easy to take. 

The day Mysti died, I had to make a life and death decision.  My fourteen-year-old puppy, who had been in my life for as long as some teenagers, needed that decision.  I could tell you I didn’t know it was going to happen for months before but that wouldn’t be true.  It may have looked to be manipulated and it might have been because it was just a week before her prior reincarnation of Muffin ended physically on June 2.  I didn’t want her to suffer that long.  Her kidneys were really causing her pain. 

Even little selfish Madeline was checking on her frequently and placing her favorite babies next to Mysti so that she wouldn’t be alone in her sleep.

What I can tell you is that even though I knew, I wanted it to be different.  Not only that but after her death, when she was lighthearted and happy with her present circumstances, her mother wasn’t.  The one left behind mourns.  This family mourns even though we still see and feel her.  At least Madeline and I do.  But it’s not the same. 

Mysti can laugh and I’m glad but times like today when we had a group hug, one was missing.  Those times will get easier but it’ll take a while.  Just because I’m a medium, I’m not immune to that hurt.  The experience makes it better for me to relate to others who have had this same situation happen in their life.  I’ve been very lucky to have most of my loved ones close on this side and hope to keep it that way but, as we all know, life marches on.

Do I see more coming in my life?  I’d rather not think about that right now.  Like Mysti, I’ll get my laughs where I can.

Da Juana