December 21, 2012……Will humanity survive?

December 21, 2012……Will humanity survive? That seems to be the burning question these days. And though you might believe it’s just a Hollywood attempt to get your juices flowing like Y2K (2000 AD), is it better to be safe than sorry?

Well, don’t despair. We’ll all be here the next day going on with life as usual mostly. There’ll be some different astrological alignments but then we always have something going on in the heavens. Some aren’t even what’s perceived as natural occurrences and have man’s hand all over them. But these will be celestial bodies at work.

Though we’ll believe its life going on, and it is, a new spiritual awakening is beginning. You’ll start to notice differences in the way you think and in how others handle situations that might have been personal inflammatory issues before. This will happen so genteelly that it’s hardly noticeable at all but one day in the future we’ll wake up to the fact that we’ve changed.

All in all we have a heritage of evolving and that won’t stop with December 21, 2012.

Da Juana

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