People talk about the degree of separation between people.  A television show was even made with the idea that there are only six degrees of separation between people all over the world.  At one point I might not have agreed with that but then learned that it really is true.More...

One example happened a few years ago when I was in Hawaii working and was on the largest radio program in the islands.  When I returned home, a friend called and mentioned to me that someone she knew in television had just returned from Hawaii.  He told her that he was going to the airport or he would’ve turned around and come back because he heard them announce I was there and would be working at the convention center.  People were so nice there.  But I’ve never been touched so much in my life.  They were nice about it though and always asked first.

Another instance happened while I was speaking with a friend of mine, while she was on her cell phone, in California.  She walked into the salon for waxing, a favorite of all women.  After sitting in the chair and still talking with me, she finally got off the phone.  The lady doing the waxing fussed greatly and mentioned with emphasis that she wasn’t used to someone walking in, sitting down, talking on the phone and not acknowledging her.  My friend told her she was sorry but that she was talking with her friend, Da Juana.  To my friend’s amazement, the lady asked, “Is she a psychic and does she live in Texas and have the last name Byrd?  There’s not too many psychics with the name, Da Juana.”

My friend answered, “Yes,” and continued with, “You know her?”

“Yes, and tell her I kept the ring.  I had a reading from her some years ago when I was passing through and she told me…..”

My friend was flabbergasted but she relayed the message to me.

So, I have first-hand evidence that there really is six degrees of separation.

Da Juana