Diabetes and insulin for my Mysti dog…..

Mysti, my oldest puppy dog, is now taking insulin for the diabetes, which I have to give twice a day.  For a person who doesn’t like to give shots, I’m not the doctor type; I’ve had to learn to give them, first with Mysti’s predecessor, Muffin, and now with her.  Thank goodness, Claude takes oral medication.More...

Last night, Mysti, woke me up at 4:00 AM vomiting.  This morning, Claude woke up the same way.  Mysti is better but Claude is going through a routine that happens every now and again because of the medication.  That’s something you don’t know about diabetes until you have it.  Not only will you have this life threatening disease but you will also have occasional bouts with something akin to a horrible stomach flu because of the medication. 

Being a mother is part of the routine because, as you know, mothers have that intuition thing.  So you wake up before the baby is going to throw up and you wait for it to happen.  Sleep is something mother’s can forget about for thirty years or so.  And when you have a baby that has four feet, it’s the same. 

Along with your other jobs, you do what you have to do to keep the family going.  At least that’s what I do.  Claude says that I act as if I know what to do next even when he doesn’t.  Mothers know why.  We have to. 

Even though it’s not close to Mothers Day, I just want to say; we mothers keep on like the energizer bunny even when we don’t feel we have more energy.  We have to keep on.

Oh, I almost forgot.  I’ve had a shy, young boy in the house along with an older grandma but they visit at different times.  I think that my father’s mother is around along with his brother who was struck by lightening.  This brother told my daddy that he was going to heaven before mother and daddy, then told him when and he did.  Think I’ve met him now at least sort of.  He tends to look away. 

On another note, do you know of an insulin that Mysti could take that is long lasting and only has to be given once a day?

Da Juana