Because diabetes is a part of my family’s life now, I’d like for us to discuss how and why it starts, not from a medical point of view but rather from a real life point of view.  Claude is not the first in our family to contract this horrible disease.  Our first view of it happened with our baby dog, Muffin.  You know her.  I’ve told you about her.  Claude was next and now our sweet baby, Mysti, has it too.More... 

The thread that is woven between the three of them is that they couldn’t stand me out of their sight, never could.  Muffin had to be with me, always.  People said that we read each other’s minds and we did.  It’s the same with Mysti but she plays more the martyr role whereas Muffin would just show you how she felt.  Claude has always used the guilt method when he wanted me to do something and I guess the two girls do and did it in their own way.  Both Mysti and Muffin are too proud to beg.  (You know that Muffin is Mysti’s past life and Mysti brought most of Muffins personality with her but she has some of her own too.)  Claude is too but he’s not above trying to make you feel guilty but he’s working on that too. 

Being the empath I am, you’d think that I’d realize what we’re doing to one another and in some manner I do.  I can even see what will happen in the future for all of us but that doesn’t make the learning easier at the time because I’m playing a human role here too.  Most of my life, I’ve watched life go down where others are concerned.  I may have told them something was going to happen and even said a prayer that I’d be wrong but that was outside my family life.  When it happens to someone else, you can say, “How sad?”  When it happens in your family life, then the message comes home with a bang.

Anger from not getting your way seems to precede diabetes.  Most think it comes after but it doesn’t.  At least that’s what I’ve noticed.  Responsibility for that anger is part of the spiritual lesson all who are involved are learning. 

Spirituality is a part of all this.  Each one of us plays roles in each other’s lives in order to make us all grow in a spiritual fashion.  It’s how we live this life that makes our spiritual lessons.

Diabetes is a horrible disease, one that takes a person or dog and creates fear.  Their whole life and those who love them becomes different immediately.  Fear and anger become part of their daily lives and dictates what, when, where, and how they react to their environment.  All for a spiritual lesson.  Boy, their spirits have to be brave.

Da Juana