Do ghosts listen to the living?

Today I’d like to address a very important question and that is “Do ghosts listen to the living?” Ha! Gotcha! You probably never thought about that one did you?

Most people only think of communicating with dead loved ones likely using a medium like me to do so. Others think about the Hollywood version of ghosts and how they haunt the living religiously scaring them out of their wits. It never occurs that ghosts use thought and good manners, typically, to get their point across.

Another thing that I’ve noticed really catches people I read for unaware is that we can’t actually summon a ghost and make them appear. All us mediums can do is request someone’s presence and then hope they comply.

You see ghosts, like us, have complete control of their own spirit. And as you know or as I’ve mentioned before, you and I are only ghosts in human clothing called a body. Truly ghosts have more control over their actions than we do because something can hamper our physical movement while ghosts are free to do as they will.

Now to the good part. Ghosts listen to us. Since they have free will you can demand that they not do certain things and they won’t. Case closed. But, what you say? You’re going to remind me you’ve heard the stories where some person met with an unruly entity who continued to terrorize them. Well, I’m not one to say it didn’t happen but it’s been my experience that ghosts generally don’t do such things against a physical person’s will. The person in body has to want the items to continue for some reason. It’s like Dr. Phil has quoted again and again about any living situation and I’m paraphrasing, “What are you getting out of it?”

Some of the actions of those considered horrifying truly look bad simply because they’re done in such a manner as to be frightful. A book floating across a room in midair isn’t what you’d consider your everyday fun event but is just another thought to a ghost wanting your attention. So the scare factor is real big when you see something like this or hear and see a door close before your very eyes without anyone physically doing it. Yes, I can see where that’s scary. After all, you know I’ve had a couple of times lately where I jumped at a ghostly intrusion.

But here’s the kicker, something I learned later after coming out as a medium, and that is you can ask that they refrain from doing certain things and they will listen. This has happened for me. Also others have mentioned how they were thinking about a dead loved one and they had the feeling they felt their presence. Other items such as this make me know ghosts listen.

Da Juana

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