Do I sound like a ……..?

There is nothing better than making a change in the way you do business and getting it done well. But that is not the case with us today. NO…….We needed to have some other things happen so we would appreciate our accomplishment more. We changed our phone systems today so that psychics working with us could have their very own toll free numbers. That way, there would be no more complaints from the psychics or our clients for the computer upsets they had seen in the past. (No matter that the phone company uses computers too.)

Our web master was very good in that she got things done last night in order that the resulting change could run smoothly. Thank goodness for her. She is one bright spot in this whole calamity.

The phone company did change over our business phone to make it theirs and also to give each psychic their very own 800 number. That was done this morning. As of now, this evening, we still don’t have anything pointed to where it should be. Amazing, isn’t it? Yeah, I long for the good old days when it didn’t take a committee to make a change and where one person could say, “Yes, I am going to do this for you and make it smooth.”

Now after waiting for six months, not kidding. No make that seven. I wasn’t counting correctly, we haven’t got the system correct yet. It’s good I am just a psychic. Oh and about that, had someone want my horoscopes today but they didn’t want my name on them because they were afraid of how having a psychics name with psychic written beside it might offend someone. Imagine that. Yes, this has been a wonderful day. Really. I mean really.

Da Juana