Do they change?

This is a very good question.  Of course you know that I think all questions are good but this one is really good.  So, I would like to answer it.  You knew I would.

“After reading through your website, you mention that ghosts still have many of their personality traits that they did in life.  What about people who had Dementia, or Alzheimer’s disease when they died?  Do their personalities go back to who they were when they were not sick?


Susan, thank you so much for asking this one.  Most people don’t give it a thought but Ronald Reagan made me look at this when he died.  For a couple of days, he was in a place where he couldn’t understand why Nancy wouldn’t look at him or hold his hand. The Alzheimer’s followed him because he did thought it should.  By the time they were at the library President Reagan knew he didn’t have to carry that burden any longer.  So now he acts, talks and walks like he did before the horrible disease he had left him so isolated.  As a matter of fact, most of the time, he shows himself just a little older than when he was back in his glory days of film.

Hope I have answered your question.

Da Juana