Do you see God?

Do you see God? I know that’s a loaded question because most think you can’t see a Deity but I’m here as a psychic and a medium to tell you that you’d be wrong. Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you’re a scientific mind or don’t use the same terminology I do on whom you call God. The universal tie that binds us all can be called anything but it’s there none-the-less and is tangible in many forms.

For instance, I see God when I look in the mirror to acknowledge all the millions of universes within my own body, the manner in which they work together and separately to keep me moving properly and to the best of my ability.

When the sun comes up each morning, I see God.

When my dogs make me smile, I see God.

When a friend communicates with me, I see God.

When the wind hits my hair, I feel God.

When I smell a flower, I smell God.

When I speak with a ghost who’s telling me what happened in their lifetime, I know and speak with God.

When I hug, I feel God.

When I remember evolution, I remember God.

Science makes me realize that God has a part in Universal links.

Though I could go on and on forever on the virtues of God, you get my drift. There is nothing that isn’t a tangible part of God, no matter your name for this energy that runs through everything.

Now what’s left up to us is how we handle this wonderful legacy given to us the day we decide to come back to earth. What will we do to continue seeing God’s wonderful hand?

Happy Holidays,

Da Juana

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