Dog lovers know what little doggie babies mean to them…

Dog lovers know what little doggie babies mean to them when they’re puppies and when they grow to become an adult family member as well.

Hearing others say something like, “Yeah, but they’re just a dog,” can make a canine lover go ballistic. I know even though I try to understand there are some people who are just ignorant. Really!

My dogs have always been my best friends. They’ve stood still while I wet their fur with my tears and they’ve even allowed me to kiss them with such a “sucking-the-juice-out-of-them” attitude that makes them seem to actually smile. Even Gabrielle allows that noisy sensation now. She had too. It’s a rite of passage in this household.

When something goes wrong with one of these family members, the whole house seems out of sorts.

And most dog lovers will go to extremes to care for their furry friends. That’s what I’m doing now. I’ve gotten an herbalist to help with my baby, Madeline. And it is helping but it has its side effects. I can almost talk about her condition which involves the heart and kidneys now without crying, but not completely. See, that’s what being a doggy mother is about.

And when your baby can only sleep in one certain position on your shoulder and breast, then you lay that way all night, no matter your comfort level to give your baby puppy her best sleep. That’s the relaxation both of you get. Having my arm around her there with her sister lying beside both of us is a great feeling. Another great feeling is hearing a thump return to a heart that only made a silent whishing before.

This herbalist is giving me and my dog one last chance at her being healthy and around for a few more years. I’m happy knowing I’ve done the best I can for her.

Da Juana

P. S. For more about puppy dogs and their names, please visit and get a look at my sweet Madeline.